Monday, May 31

IPhone Face Fighter

Here come the first review of my IPhone application: Face Fighter
It is very funny and can be one of the "table topic" while gather with friends.

This is how it works: snap a close face photo of your buddy (or boss :P), open the app,
make him as a new enemy, then what else? Fight baby!

You can kill some of your time with this app :)

Chiwawa gave me a nice one!

Come on man, show me your color!

Here goes the egg white...

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Nice iPhone Case

Just received a nice iPhone case from Dinesh, it is a yellow leather with black stripe. Look a bit like bumblebee from transformer - it is from trexta racing series. For those who interested you may visit

Nice case comes with a fiber cloth and screen protector.

Another case from trexta - football series, I think is not a bad idea for getting one since world cup is just around the corner

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Wednesday, May 26

Cari Survey: Reason to go Gym

This is an exclusive survey result from Chinese Cari forum

1. Increase attraction, so the rest will keep an eye on you - 30.91%
2. Criticized by people due to skinny - 9.09%
3. Check out chicks in Gym room - 1.82%
4. Would like to look better - 36.36%
5. Influenced by friends, media or celebrities - 1.82%
6. Healthy? - 9.09%
7. Release tension - 3.64%
8. Others - 7.27%

So Malaysian chinese going gym for better looking and to increase attraction ;)

Narcissism! Haha, are you?

Thanks Everyone who is still visiting!


To all my dearest visitors, thanks a lot! I've been busy with tons of works and I almost forgot about my blog. I'm re-constructing my blog at the moment, and to add something meaningful in our life. I've decided to promote Unicef. I'm a Unicef's friend who is the regular donor. For those who interested in helping our future generation, please visit UNICEF.

For those who think ermm I'm not able to do it now, no worries! Can you see the Ads at the right side? >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Each click will contribute to Unicef because I'm going to donate whatever I've received there.

Here is the status:
RM 41.21
8.79 before you get paid!

Another RM 9 to go! Once cash out, I will show you all the proof :)

Thanks for supporting Unicef.

Tuesday, May 25

Iphone Fever!

My colleague Dinesh just got his iphone recently, and he has started to spread the virus in the office. Installing apps, showing to some colleagues with technology challenge - and they all got excited and start buying iphone 1 by 1..

I was not really "in to it" when I got my iphone 8 months ago, but I've started to help Dinesh in spreading the virus.. hahaha. Explain to my colleagues how iphone works, how itunes works, how to get apps and sync with the phone.

So I'm going to post some cool apps review in my blog, and please share some with me should you have any nice one.