Wednesday, March 18

Complete Guideline for Satria Neo - Part 3

We discussed about power and peformance from previous issue, which involved intake and exhaust system and they are very initial modification you can do for your Satria Neo. This time we will go for more aggressive mod where we talk about modify engine..

The other good modification you can do with your Satria Neo for performance are:

Lightened Crank Pully (LCP) - RM 300 - RM 500
You can get Mythelogy or ZerOne LCP for your Satria Neo, it has proven to improve low end torque for our Campro engine, and I have 1 with my Satria Neo. I have used it for more than a year and I'm still very statisfied with the result. For your information, our stock engine is 110hp, but it will lost power when it goes all the way from engine to wheel. Imagine your crank pully is 1.2kg down!

Adjustable Cam Pully (ACP) - RM 450
I will suggest you go for Work Engineering ACP where their ACP is finely produce, other brands I heard is Aerospeed ACP. The ACP is actually to adjust the valve timing so we can have the torque coming earlier for different purpose. For example Campro engine will start performing at 4000rpm, if you think it is too high then you can adjust it to 3000rpm.

Highcam - RM 2000 onwards
This will be the good mod for your engine because highier degree cam will enable your valve lift go highier for a certain duration for more air and fuel coming into your engine, so it means more power. Usually high degree cam will pair with Adjustable cam pully (ACP) for best result. You can get Matspeed high cam or powerzone high cam.

Piggyback ECU - RM 2000 onwards
Due to Satria Neo Siemens VDO ECU is untouchable, the normal piggyback will not work for our cars. This include the famous econoical AFC Neo and E-Manage blue - they won't work for our car. The only tested and proven piggyback is Dastek Unichip which can increase at least 10-15hp to our Campro engine.

With all the above modificaiton, I believe our Satria Neo can go minumum 130hp on wheel, depending on the tuning part.

If you are still not happy with the power increased, you have to go for force induction or engine change ;)