Wednesday, May 26

Thanks Everyone who is still visiting!


To all my dearest visitors, thanks a lot! I've been busy with tons of works and I almost forgot about my blog. I'm re-constructing my blog at the moment, and to add something meaningful in our life. I've decided to promote Unicef. I'm a Unicef's friend who is the regular donor. For those who interested in helping our future generation, please visit UNICEF.

For those who think ermm I'm not able to do it now, no worries! Can you see the Ads at the right side? >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Each click will contribute to Unicef because I'm going to donate whatever I've received there.

Here is the status:
RM 41.21
8.79 before you get paid!

Another RM 9 to go! Once cash out, I will show you all the proof :)

Thanks for supporting Unicef.