Tuesday, March 31

Collected my baby yeah!

I went back to Ipoh again and collected my car from Fatt Kee the insurance panel workshop. They aligned my car chasis finally, and I swear I won't go back again for such bad service. I have tested the car careful and thanks god the feeling has came back! I gave her a nice shower and glazing to make sure the championship white stay champion.. you know it is not easy to take care a white car. I went to CT-4 to check my car again to ensure that she is 100% fit. Confirmed by the boss Ah Lek, my car is good!

It was raining heavily outside the workshop, and I stayed there have a chat with all the staffs in CT-4, trying to learn some new things, and I did :)

I saw Ah boy's legendary Honda Civic EG6 with the B16b VTEC engine lying in the workshop, he is going to sell it and removing all the performance part.. sadly to see this.

Another view of the AGIP sponsored EG6:

Powerful B16b engine:

I spent my weekend in Ipoh, with family and friends.. well worthed short vacation :)

Friday, March 27

New to Gym? Want to go?

If you really want to go gym and workout your body but have no clue about it, please don't let this reason to stop you. I am going to show something here, and they might be useful to you.

Fitness center
The current trend in Malaysia now is to go fitness center like Fitness First, Carlifornia Fitness and True Fitness - if they are close to your resident area. However the joining fee and monthly memberships free will be a burden to you if you not really sure you are able to continue your journey or not. You can get free pass from your colleagues or your friends if they are already a member, try to join the free session to feel it, and select the one that suit you the most. Personally I have a gym room in my office so this is not an issue for me - I'm lucky! Good thing about fitness center is you can learn correct way of workout - important if you are new to gym. Not to mention all the sexy chicks around there :)

Gym at home
Some people think they can only workout in fitness center, but now Gym at Home is getting popular where you won't need to drive to fitness center, pay monthly fees and most important you can manage your time well. Hey - don't think I am asking you to buy some expensive equipment at home, what you really need is full set of dumbells (10-35lbs) and a bench or a swiss ball. They only cost you less then RM500 - which is a good investment because you can use them everyday, anything you want. After that you can get an Ezy bar or Olympic bar. With all these you can have a full body workout session!

Dude you can't miss this if you want to see the effect in 3 months time - few basic supplements that you need are: Whey protein, Creatine and multivitamin. If you are skinny and want to really bulk up I will suggest you to go for weight gainer. You can get them in supplement store like Ego Nutrition and GNC.

Training routine
This is crutial for a successful journey, you will need a good program to follow - program that has been proven by someone. Learn the program and slowly create your own program - you are your best personal trainer! You can find useful program here.

Don't think - Go 1 step further!

Thursday, March 26

Interesting interview with Jason Statham

I found this in Men's fitness megazine website, and inside this interview got some very interesting points to support my believe in body fitness so far, here is part of the interview:
How fit are you out of ten?
It depends. When I was filming Death Race I was extremely fit but right now... If I was a ten then, I’m probably about a six or seven now.

What level martial artist are you?
Movie level.

You recently lost 17lb (7.7kg) in six weeks. What did you eat?
Not much. Mainly protein, nuts and berries. I was a miserable bastard.

You also trained with a former Navy SEAL. Why him?
He leads by example. You see people working out with some trainers and the trainers look like they need a trainer. It’s bizarre how they get the job if they’re not in fucking amazing shape themselves.

What did you do with him?
I trained six days a week, 35 minutes a day. We had two rules: we wouldn’t do the same workout twice and we’d record everything. The main part of the session would be intense and involve heavy compound lifts, circuits, kettlebells and medicine balls.

How long before a movie do you get into serious training?
Ten weeks is good. If you can do ten weeks you can make some real changes. Anything under six weeks you may as well forget about it.

What’s your top training tip?
Train early in the morning. Get out of bed and just do it. That way you’ll never find an excuse not to.

From the interview, you'll find:
Jason lost 7.7kgs in 6 weeks
Jason training session is only 35 mins, 6 days.
Jason training program different from everyday.
Jason training session is mainly weighlifting.
Jason ate high protein food like nuts and berries.

This truly support my believe that weight lifting is the ultimate solution for losing weight,
NOT cardio! Proven by Jason ;)

Wednesday, March 25

Shell Malaysia is Taking Part in Earth Hour

Shell Malaysia has announced that they will take part in this event, Earth Hour in Malaysia on 28th, March this Saturday night. Not only this, Shell IT group: EDS, an HP company, T System and AT&T are all joining this event: non-essential lights, such as neon signages and façade lightings, as well as unnecessary lightings in and around our offices and facilities across Malaysia, and Cyberjaya will be switching off for 1 hour. However, this is again following our HSSE compliance for colleague who working on that day.

Kodus to Shell, and all the suppliers that taking part.

Complete Guideline for Satria Neo - Part 4

We discussed about engine modification for Satria Neo during my last issue, basically if you still not satisfied with the power of your car, then I will recommend you to go for force induction. There are 2 types of force induction for Campro engine right now - Bolt on Turbo (BOT) or Supercharger.

Bolt on Turbo for CamPro S4PH(Turbo Charge)
Due to weak parts inside our CamPro engine, I won't recommend you to bolt on turbo, Speedworks has tested few units of Campro engines unfortunately they have blown all of them during research for Satria Neo Turbo Kit. If you really want to listen to the blow off sound in your Satria Neo, I first would like you to strenghten your engine part. Try to rebuild your engine with blue printing and change some identified weak parts like crankshaft and piston to forged type. Furthermore, the safe zone for boosting the turbine is only 0.5bar and below, this is because Campro engine is high compression type and it cannot stand if you boost too high.

Parts that you will need for bolt on turbo:
Turbine - suggest TD04, TD05 or Garett AR48, the small frame turbine which your Campro can stand without too much of turbo lag effect.
Intercooler - you can get one from those original turbo charged car like Silvia series or VR4.
Extrator - This will be the banana type and you will need to customize it.
Piping - You will need to custom few other pipes for intercooler, turbine and injector.
Fuel Regulator - Please do not save this item for constant fuel pressure, it is important for your turbo.
Injector - You will need a better one.
Piggybag - Something to control the fuel after you turbo charged it.
Finally - A good workshop which is really expect to turbo charge your Campro engine.

This is an example for bolt on turbo:

This is the dyno result:

Supercharger for Campro S4PH
There is a famous workshop to supercharge your Campro, they are called Powerzone
They are many units for superchanger done in Powerzone, and here is one of those:

There are the most common forced induction to our Satria Neo Campro engine, and each of them will increase hp to a good figure (40-50hp, depends on the boost), just want to enforce here: you need to strengthen your engine before you go for it, else it will bring you more and more problems and probably you will spend your weekend in workshop. Furthermore there will be a cost vs efficiency here, if you think rebuilding your engine is costing too much for you, I will recommend you go for the final solution - Engine Change.


Bodybuilding and Fitness

I would say they are both related, body building - or muscle building and fitness are together when we talk about healthy lifestyle. In order to loss your fat, you will need to build some muscles, workout hard and hit all your muscle groups hard - then you will increase your metabolism, and reduce your fat level. Please stay with me, bunch of tips for building muscles are coming!

Tuesday, March 24

Satria Neo Test Drive in Dato Sagor Track

Digg this out from my old video list, this is my private testing session in Kampung Gajah, Dato Sagor Track:

The track layout:

My car was with Yokohama Neova AD07 that time.

This layout was the same with my recent Kanpung Gajah track day,
and I managed to clock 47secs with Goodyear Eagle F1.

Think I'll improve in next round!

Muscletech Nitro Tech Hardcore

Ego nutritions is having promotion for the ultimate muscle building protein - the Muscletech Nitro Tech Hardcore, and I really want to give it a try because it claims the muscle building process is 24 times power than a normal whey protein! So I want to test the product and write a review on it after I finished the bottle. I drink it straight after my gym session yesterday - it tastes very good and the powder is quite compact compare to whey protein. For those who want to get cheap supplement, you may go to ego nutritions.

The supplemen facts are below:

Got my own domain name for just $9.90!

It has been a secondary school dream for me, but human being is very difficult, the ability and desire are always not equal, just like when childhood time I wanted to buy everything in supermarket, till now I have the ability to buy most of them - but my desire has gone.
But this time I want to make it a reality:
wonghawhan.com - I got it for a fair price, is only $9.90 per year - it is my name ;)

You can apply your own domain name here: http://www.godaddy.com/


Monday, March 23

Black Workshop for Your Car - FAH KEE MOTOR

My car had an accident on last year December, and it took them more than a month to repair my car. Details are here

However, once they informed me my car is ready, I went and collect it happily.
Until I found out something went wrong during my test drive, but I was in a rush back to KL,
so I thought it was not too bad. I went to the tyre shop to fix my alignment because I found it was a bit misaligned, and set my rear wheel chamber to -2 degree.

I was shocked when the staff informed me that my car axle is not properly fixed as they could not set my rear chamber - the workshop did not pull the axle out, and my rear wheel is moving, not sure what happened.. I was really shocked at that time.

After the chinese new year, I went back to the workshop again, and told them what happened to my car. The owner's son told me that my car is ok, everything has changed (My claim was 12k), and they will look after the rear wheel problem - I agreed with them.

first - the alignment sifu informed me that my car alignment is all ok, but he could not set my car chamber - because I need a set of adjustable absorber to set my chamber - huh? are you listen it right?

My rear wheel moving part was resolved - due to a broken bearing, and I taken out my car and went back happily again, at least for few hours until I went to another tyre shop for fixing my chamber.

The tyre shop staff is an experienced staff and very pro in setting chamber, he told me the same thing as the previous tyre shop staff - my car chamber cannot be fixed due to the injured axle, and he recommended me another workshop to fix this, instead of going back to the same workshop.

Again I was rushing back to KL so I decided to fix it when I go back next time - but again when I changed my absorber springs another tyre shop found out my car problem, and this time he even pointed out the part that the workshop didn't fix - it was very obvious that the axle is misaligned.

I was really frustrated with the workshop, and again I took my car back and informed them the problem.

Owner's son: Yes how can I help you?
Me: My car still got problem, the axle is not properly fixed, can you please check again? (Politely)
Owner's son: Sure, no problem, don't worry, just bring your car here if you found any problem.
Me: How many times do you want me to take my car back here? Aren't you know I am staying in KL? (Pissed off completely after heard " just bring your car here")
Owner's son: oh.. (he knew I pissed off, finally)

For this time, I have given them a final notice - where if I still found any problem for my axle, I will inform my insurance company and Malaysia Consumer Association

Here is the workshop details:



Master of his destiny - Jiu Ba-dao(九把刀)

He is my favorite writer, his name is Jiu Ba-dao (九把刀).
I first read his novel accidentally - bought it from book store due to the attractive cover page. However, his style really attracted my heart and soul, and since then I am one of his follower.

If you can read Chinese, please don't miss any of his articles/novels - he is really excellent and outclass.

人生就是不停的战斗 - life is all about battling
不是尽力,而是一定要做到 - not try my best, but be my best
即使跌倒,姿势也会非常豪迈 - even if I fall, my style will still be very heroic


My New Glove

My previous Nike gym glove was missing, don't know where it went and I was waiting for 2 weeks for it to come back.. but till today the glove still have no any signs of return so I went to Fitness Concept and bought a new one.

It is better than the Nike one, and the price is almost the same :)
and I like the gripping, very nice and comfortable.

Sunday, March 22

KSC Karting Endurance Race - Round 2

It was 6:30am in the morning, I just finished my work and I need to be here again at 9am for karting! OMG... luckily my office there is a sleeping room, and I took a rest there until 9am.

We reached there at about 9:30am, and Timothy briefed all of us.
There are 2 guests for that day - Guys from Hypertune magazine!

We walk through the layout, it has just been setup.

It was a new experience for me because it was the first time I race in carpark layout.

After that we have a practice run, then the race will start.
This is an endurance race, 2 drivers drive for 20 mins each and the team that got the most laps win.

My childhood friend Jit Shen and now we all working with Shell,
I just met him back last year and now we were so close, thanks to the small world!

My partner Naveen who will race together with me, smile baby!

It was a hot sunny day, when you expect to see umbrella girl, suddenly you see this:
Umbrella man - opssss!

So the race started, everyone was chasing each other.

Kart number 10, we have this kart but later on it was overheat and broken down

This is another kart that was down due to overheat as well, the smoke was coming out from the engine, wow!

Yeap, they were broken by our special guests - the Hypertune guys! Just joking la.. lol

In case anyone went into drain (there was 1 quite near), we have this for you:

The prizes, they are many thanks to the organizer and sponser!

Timothy, Justin and Tim's car - Nissan Silvia S15
Tim: Please describe how you broke 2 karts?
Justin: .....

A speech from the owner of this go kart place

We were ranked 6th for the Novice group, not too bad for the day ya, then we went back to office with Naveen's car - Toyota Chaser!

My trophy for the day

Thanks everyone for making this karting competition perfect, and special thanks to Timothy the organizer and of course Hypertune magazine, you will see the event coverange in next issue,
please get one!

7 mins abs training part 3-7

Hello everyone, have you tried the previous part 1-3?
Here are the other 4 parts where you can make it a week training!

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7

Saturday, March 21

Selling yourself with a nice looking resume

I have seen many resumes and I would like to say a big NO NO to most of them, some people just generated it from Jobstreet, fill in some simple details and they want to get an interview with this paper, or copy and paste from his colleague/friends with all the requirements from the recruitement company!

I am a person who believe in marketing, especially in today's world where most of us (age below 30) like to see stuff in good packing. Try to ask yourself, 2 same things with different packing - 1 is simple / generic packing and another one with nice looking packing, which one would you like?

The answer is there.
Same goes to your resume.

Before you try to make 1 for you, try to think from the recruiter's perspective. They don't know you, they have no idea who you are. So all the papers on their desk are actually a commercial banner for them to know you.

So sit down and think, how can your resume be different from the others - a good template serve a good start, with your details and info slotted in a 2-3 pages of your advertisement - try not to make your employment history a grandpa story, recruiter have hundreds of resume to look at everyday so your long story will actually make them tired. If you are a fresh grad who got nothing much to say, just be yourself - make it short and simple.

Take a look on this, and compare it with yours - which will attract the recruiters?

Satria Neo S2000

If you are not aware of - We have a beast here ready to participate in IRC Super 2000 series. It has made its debut in France and attracted the eye of the world:

“The Satria was fantastic, really predictable and comfortable to drive and with really good engine power, I am looking forward to driving it again,” said driver Bouffier.

Take a look of her beautiful look and specs:

I hope I can get 1 in future ;)
4 cylinder MEM-Proton 2000cc S2000 engine
Forged pistons
Lightweight steel connecting-rods
Billet steel crankshaft
Lightweight steel flywheel with integral ring gear
GEMS X25 engine ECU and power management system with integrated data-logging and colour dashboard display
Xtrac “532” 4WD Super 2000 transmission system
6-speed sequential gearbox with engine cut on up-shift
Limited Slip Differentials:
 Front, plated mechanical, externally adjustable
 Centre, spool
 Rear, plated mechanical, externally adjustable Hydraulic handbrake with auto-release system for rear differential
Bespoke WRC-style lightweight driveshafts all round
Tubular fabricated front & rear crossmembers
Front: Lower wishbone and MacPherson strut
Rear: Lower wishbone and MacPherson strut
MEM-Dynamics dampers all round
Anti-rollbars front and rear, optional sizes available
One-piece alloy hubs, interchangeable front to rear
Front: Alcon 4-piston forged calipers, 350mm vented discs, (Tarmac) Front: Alcon 4-piston forged calipers, 300mm vented discs, (Gravel)
Rear: Alcon 4-piston forged calipers, 300mm vented discs, (Common)
MEM pedal box assy, adjustable for driver position
Hydraulic power-assisted rack and pinion Adjustable steering column reach and height
Quick-release steering wheel
GEMS Multiplex wiring and power management system incl. auto-power reset
Central multi-function key pad control and integrated data-logging.
Information by colour TV screen dashboard display.
Fuel system
72 litre AFS FT3 safety fuel with quick-change fuel control cassette
FIA Staubli dry-break fill and vent connections
18”x8” alloy for Tarmac
15”x6.5” alloy for Gravel
Length 3905mm
Width 1800mm
Height 1300mm
Wheelbase 2440mm
Front track 1543mm
Rear track 1543mm
Weight 1150kg, (Tarmac), 1200kg, (Gravel)

Some really wierd, wierd stuffs

My company is using something similar like Messenger for the ease of communication with our customers/suppliers, and it looks like this:

The mean of this is for us to contact customer from other locations if they are not available by phone.. however, it has been a little bit "abuse" of using this I believe,
because 2 persons sitting just next to each other, and they communicate with this thing...

OMG! Are we choose to type instead of talk?

I think they are staying long enough in IT support field, and obviously they need to take a fresh breath! Sigh..

Friday, March 20

7 minutes abs training

I have used this as my abs exercise before ending my gym session and I found it is very useful.
Trust me, it will be a very very tough exercise, but I think this is what your abs like.
Do you want to build your abs muscles? Do you want to look good?
Here you go!

You even can do this at home, just need a joga map that's all.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

There are 4 more parts where I will post it tomorrow.

Wednesday, March 18

Complete Guideline for Satria Neo - Part 3

We discussed about power and peformance from previous issue, which involved intake and exhaust system and they are very initial modification you can do for your Satria Neo. This time we will go for more aggressive mod where we talk about modify engine..

The other good modification you can do with your Satria Neo for performance are:

Lightened Crank Pully (LCP) - RM 300 - RM 500
You can get Mythelogy or ZerOne LCP for your Satria Neo, it has proven to improve low end torque for our Campro engine, and I have 1 with my Satria Neo. I have used it for more than a year and I'm still very statisfied with the result. For your information, our stock engine is 110hp, but it will lost power when it goes all the way from engine to wheel. Imagine your crank pully is 1.2kg down!

Adjustable Cam Pully (ACP) - RM 450
I will suggest you go for Work Engineering ACP where their ACP is finely produce, other brands I heard is Aerospeed ACP. The ACP is actually to adjust the valve timing so we can have the torque coming earlier for different purpose. For example Campro engine will start performing at 4000rpm, if you think it is too high then you can adjust it to 3000rpm.

Highcam - RM 2000 onwards
This will be the good mod for your engine because highier degree cam will enable your valve lift go highier for a certain duration for more air and fuel coming into your engine, so it means more power. Usually high degree cam will pair with Adjustable cam pully (ACP) for best result. You can get Matspeed high cam or powerzone high cam.

Piggyback ECU - RM 2000 onwards
Due to Satria Neo Siemens VDO ECU is untouchable, the normal piggyback will not work for our cars. This include the famous econoical AFC Neo and E-Manage blue - they won't work for our car. The only tested and proven piggyback is Dastek Unichip which can increase at least 10-15hp to our Campro engine.

With all the above modificaiton, I believe our Satria Neo can go minumum 130hp on wheel, depending on the tuning part.

If you are still not happy with the power increased, you have to go for force induction or engine change ;)

Workout for my back

It has been few days that I didn't go gym because of my short vacation in my hometown Ipoh, but today I desperate to go gym because my muscles are shouting! Ha ha.. so I reached the gym room after my work. Nobody was there and I'm enjoying my gym session. I wanted to train my back today.

lat pull down

Behind neck lat pull down

Seated cable row

Pull up

Finally, the deadlift. I just go for the light one to wake up my muscles.

My first bodyfitness video:

After 5 different exercises to workout my back, I went for my abs training to end my gym session.

Haw Han's back workout:
lat pull down - 12, 10, 8, 6 reps
Behind neck lat pull down - 10, 8, 6 reps
Seated cable row - 12, 10, 8, 6 reps
Pull up - 5 reps, 5 reps
deadlift - 12, 10, 8, 6 reps