Friday, October 16

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Dare to London - Episod II (Carnaby Street, Covent Market, Chinatown)

When I woke up it was already 12pm. My buddy Him took me to a restaurant nearby to have "breakfast" and it was the first time I was having a all english breakfast, yummy! After the quick meal we then dressed up and following Hin's uncle to the train station. When we reached London it was already 2pm. First we have a quick glance at the famous Carnaby street while walking to meet another friend. It is really different when you have a tour guide. Our first destination was Chinatown and we have another meal there :) So let's take a walk!

This is the place where I stayed, nice house and very "English" style :)

Walking with Hin to the restaurant.

We were walking towards the Carnaby Street.

Here we are, this is the welcome plate in Carnaby Street.

You are being watched! There are some shop lots along the street.

This is the very famous cinema. Prime show for Harry Potter was held here.

Chinatown! It is in Leicester Square area and here is the core area of London.

This is a famous steak house, plus a snapshot for the UK public telephone.

Some nice logos.

London public bus! Another classic London icon.

London taxi, it is very classy.

We went to Covent Garden, and there is a mini market inside.

Wo ohhhh.. Invisible man! This is one of the road artist.

Another cool warrior with his sword.

This is the mini market, there are many stores and a lot of nice items.

We went to few places and they are very pack, finally we went to a Hong Kong restaurant and have some good foods there. Thanks to Wen for the nice afternoon meal!

Stay with me, more actions after the lunch!

Tuesday, October 13

向梦想出发!伦敦游记 - 1 (Dare to London - 1)


London, the capital city of United Kingdom and once upon a time was the centre of the world is always in my wish list to travel there. However due to the restriction it is not easy to enter UK. But this time I have taken the opportunity of my business trip to pay her a visit! Thanks to my buddy to offer me accommodation :) First I was thinking of taking train to London, but Eurostar is not cheap at that time. Furthermore, the trip will take longer time. My colleague in Amsterdam told me to look for the cheap flight ticket from Easyjet. I couldn't believe my eye when I saw the price - €135 return flight! Without hesitation I booked the flight and fly to my dreamland!


I took the early flight at 9am, and when I reached London Stansted airport it was only 10 mins past. This is due to the 1 hour time different. The flight took about 1 hour and 10 mins. I need to get a hostel for my another colleague who joined me so we took the A6 bus to Baker street. I was quite busy working before this and did not have sufficient time to survey around. So my first destination in London was to the famous British Museum, then only meet up with my buddy at night.

第一站就是世界闻名的大英博物院!乘搭伦敦地下铁到Russell Square出来走一段路就可以看到了。这博物馆真的让我大开眼界!

I took the Underground to Russell Square station, just a short distance I found the British Museum. It was really amazing visit!

Easyjet, took the photo when boarding.

Another shot from Amsterdam Schipol Airport.

1 more shot for the memory!

Arrived Stansted Airport, waiting for the bus to London.

Hotel Russell at Russell Square underground station, very unique building.
A shot of the London street while walking to British Museum.
Here I am, the famous museum.

It is a great building and full of tourists. This is free of charge baby!

Take a rest first for the longer journey later on...

After I entered the museum, inside is actually very nice. White colour painting with some Rome statues.. wonderful.

As you can see the building is full of tourists.

Egyptian empire and the Pharaoh.

This is a statue with black marble.. those ancient people really can create wonder.

Mummy! Not sure if he will jump out from the glass window or not? LOL...

This is the cover of the mummy, it is made of pure gold!

Japanese samurai armour!

Money from China, Dynasty Ching.

Buddish item from Tibet.

The museum close at 5:30pm so we went out for our dinner, then took the underground again to London Bridge..

The bridge is very beautiful.. really worth to visit London!

After that I took the Underground to Liverpool Street, and took train to my buddy's place.
We have a long chat at that night! We will meet up with another good friend tomorrow! Yeahhhh

This is a dual language version :)

Monday, October 12

I Amsterdam - Part IV (Red Light District)

You all have seen the shiny part of Amsterdam, nice weather, beautiful scenery, cool buildings. They all are just matching the capital city of Holland. However, do you know about the dark side of Amsterdam? Hehehe... I am going to bring you there and expose you to the city of freedom.

If you are not aware of it, Marijuana (Weeds) is legal in Holland.. so as prostitution. Every weekend, youngsters from other European countries came down to Amsterdam for some excitements and entertainments which they will never get in their countries. For me I believe if everything is under control then everything is safe. Amsterdam is one of the most peaceful place that I known. You won't see people fighting outside the bars, no youngster making joke of Asian people.. it is not what I thought before - everything is just ... relax!

Coffeeshop in Amsterdam is not the actual cafe to drink afternoon tea. This is the place to sell weeds and special cake. Customers are only allowed to smoke weeds inside. Coffeeshop is everywhere in Red light district.

So here we are! This area is not far from city centre and obviously it is the main attraction point for tourist - Red Light District. Those prostitutes was standing at the back of the neon light room "Red Room" and waiting for business.

Live sex show? Peep show? Erm... you have can it all in red light district.

Look at this, attractive neon light and manager is standing outside to invite tourist for the show. It will cost you like 12-15 Euro.

Peep show, it is like a room with small hole for you to peep the lady inside the room.. satisfying your lust.. legally ;)

Look at the amount of people passing by in the evening. Most of them are tourists.

You can get some "tools" here if you want something "special" with your partner.

It is getting darker and darker, but the life in red light district is just about to start. Night is still young...

Another Coffeeshop with nice decoration. However inside got no coffee... lol

A prostitute standing behind the glass door. Just for your info, it is illegal to take their photo...

These red rooms are all business area for prostitutes. Business is quite good on Saturday night.

This room is covered with curtain.. meaning they have some businesses inside :)
For your info, different colour of light indicates different type of services. Red is normal, Blue is transsexual.. so check carefully before you get embarrassed.. lol!

It is worth to visit the Red Light District, you can call Amsterdam the city of freedom, city of sin, or paradise.. it is up to you. Well worth to see such an area with so much of things that we will not accept however everything is under great control.

For your last info - Holland government is slowly shutting down the red light district.. so if you want to visit, make it earlier!