Wednesday, March 4

My choice of food

Usually they will in my cart when I am looking for food in supermart. They can be my lunch or dinner as well depending on my shift timing. Sometimes, I am really busy to go out for lunch/dinner when I am working so they are all my good friends :)

Wholegrain Fiber Meal breads - RM3

Calories are only 126kcal for 2 pieces, I will grab them during my meal time.
You can add tomato slices, salad and tuna into it then it will turn to a delicious meal.

Carbs - 20.8g
Protein - 6.2g
Fat - 1.5g

LowFat Milk - RM 4
Another good friend of mine because I always drink it with cereals or mix with whey protein.
It serves as a starter for my day after 500ml of plain water.

Per 250ml:
Calories - 119kcal
Carbs - 12.8g
Protein - 8.5g
Fat - 3.8g

Cereals - RM 18
Dude I really love this brand because they provide varieties of cereals for you to select. I bought the berries and cherries cereals this time. This normally will be my second meal after my protein shake. Cereals provide good carbs, rich in fiber which is really healthy food, and it is really delicious!

Tips: If you still feeling hungry after taking cereals, try to drink 500ml of water so the fibers will absorb the water and make you feel full :)

Per 100g:
Calories - 321kcal
Carbs - 68.8g
Protein - 6.5g
Fat - 2.2g
Fiber - 6.3g

Oatmeal - RM 10
Tiring for the cereal, you always can have altenative - oatmeal which is another good source of carbs to provide enough energy throughout the day.

Per 100g
Carbs - 78g
Calories - 387kcal
Protein - 11g
Fat - 4.67g

Banana - RM 3
Lastly this is my energy provider before I go gym - bananas, another good source of carbs and low in fat. More important is the fiber and potassium which is important element for our body.

Who says that you cannot eat more if you want to lose weight?
They helped me lost 3kgs in 6 weeks!