Monday, May 25

Sepang F1 Circuit Open Track Day - Race Day!

It was a sunny day, and it is just nice to go racing :)
I was just about to call Tougeking hope he would change his mind to come over,
but he was actually on his way to Sepang for the open track day!
What a respect to him, crusing all the way from Ipoh to Sepang and went back after that!
To be honest, I was a bit worry about my car condition because I did not send for service after 7000km of mileage. So I went and change my engine oil first because I can get the sponsored Red Line oil.

After changing oil, blasting all the way to Sepang:

Once I reached the roundabout to Sepang, I saw a group of Honda Integra Type R rushing to the circuit, so I just following them, and they lead me to the circuit:

Paid RM200 for 3 hours, and here come Sepang F1 circuit!

The circuit is hot but windy so I don't really feel dehydrated there. Once I reached the pit, I called Tuck and he told me all of them were in pit 28, what a nice number and I parked my car there, remove all the moving items plus the spare tyre:

There are more than 100 cars came today, and some were blocked from entering the circuit due to full slot - so demanding until full!

We all waiting for the green light patiently to go out for some fun!

Tougeking was here with his remarkable KE70:

Saw this beautiful Nissan GTR matte black, and this car is not just for showing off. She is real, real fast on the track. No wonder it is a Posche killer - it is!

Pit stop, where all the F1 cars used to stay, and I was here :)

Here my lovely Satria Neo entering the T2, thanks to Tougeking for showing me the way of entering every corner. My first session was slow due to first time entering the circuit, and Sepang is like a highway for me, especially both straight roads. My top speed is only 160km/h before entering T1.

Blasting the corner with Bridgestone Potenza RE001:

wooo.. I stucked in traffic jam!

T2 corner is not easy to take for a beginner like me, it is very easy to be understeer if you did not hit the apex. By looking at the photo I think I need to have adjustable suspension with me.

Cooling down the engine.. there was 1 moment it reached 150C degree and I think the gauge meter was giving wrong reading. Going to have it fixed soon.. but my car is hot, real hot!

After 5pm the circuit closed, we all headed to Dengkil for a killing dinner, then go back.

I really enjoy the fun of racing in a world class track, but too bad my car is not powerful enough and everytime was overtook by VTECs..

So here is the summary of Satria Neo in Sepang F1:
Cornering is very good, sharp and very easy to enter all corners correctly.
Gear ratio is sucks, 1st gear, 2nd gear is good but when changed to 3rd gear the power dropped.
Mid range speed is slow.. managed to enter T15 at 90km/h in 3rd gear but only can reach 160km/h 150m before T1.

Very good experience and my first time in Sepang F1!

Saturday, May 23

Sepang F1 Circuit Open Track Day - Preparation

Sepang F1 circuit is having an open track day on this coming Sunday, and I am planning to pay it a visit, at least once a lifetime to enjoy a full throttle blast in a FIA certified F1 racing circuit. I have to admit it was not cheap: RM 200 per session which will let you race for about 2 hours.

Since my friends in Cari forum going as well, we will meet there at 1:3opm.
I was busy preparing my car just now, and if you noticed I have a nice stickers fill in my plain white Satria Neo - it is Red Line sponsored sticker. I will get discount from purchasing Red Line product in future :)

Went to Wai Heng exhaust - my usual exhaust mechanic to prepare for race setting.

See you in Sepang!

Dinner at Japanese Restaurant

Timothy and I went to a Japanese restaurant in Sunway to have our dinner after we went and take Tim's absorber for servicing.

The place looks very nice and comfortable, but a bit crowded because it is Sunway :)

Entrance of the restaurant.

Staffs look very busy preparing our meal

Yummy.. and the food is very nice here, much more better than Sushi King where I used to go.

Full.. and heading to office to have some serious workout!

Sunday, May 17

AAM KKS Autocross 2009 - Round 2

It was a sunny Sunday, and we are at Sepang F1 Circuit... Car Park for the second round of AAM KKS Autocross. It was suppose to be held in Penang but not sure why last minute they changed it to Sepang. I believe it is not published properly hence there are not many participants.

No matter how, they are still a bunch of autocross hardcore supporters!

Beautiful Nissan Skyline...

She can turn to a beast during highspeed man, powered by RB26DETT engine with 280hp.

The Proton legion

Toyota Corolla 4AGE, the sole driver in class 1600cc, damn I didn't bring my Satria Neo this time!

The MRS legion, they were in second ranking

Very nice car for autocross

This is Japan GT wide bodykit baby.

and we have the EVO legion, they rule the round 2 autocross this time by grabbing first and second fastest time of the day.

Evo track car.. wow

and this is a 400/500 horsepower?

I don't know man, you judge it yourself!

Not a very good timing, due to first time driving FR car in autocross event, but I improved from 1:45 to 1:42 which is 3 secs after the lunch!

This is the track layout, actually I made 2 mistakes and I got DNF for A run 1 and B run 1, thanks god I managed to capture the time in run 2 for both A and B. The best timing is taken from your best run in A and B course.

To summarize it, I really appreciate Tim to let me drive his S15 and it was my second time driving the car. I learnt a lot today because I now can understand how FR car behave during cornering and breaking. It is a brand new experience to me! Being a car enthusiasts it is always excited to practise something that you know from the paper.

I'll be there again with my Satria Neo :)

Sunday, May 10

Power Steering Hose Leaking...

It was last Sunday when Daniel gave me a morning call to touge in KL, genting sempah area. Wassup man if talk about touge needless to speak other than action to take! So I headed to batu cave all the way and after a short chat with Daniel and his another MR2 friend Yap plus a grey Satria Neo, we headed to sempah all the way and went Bentong till Genting half hill, where I found my steering was very heavy suddenly, and after a quick check my power steering hose was leaking like crazy. Luckily, with helps from Daniel and friends I was managed to fix it temporary, but the leaking went crazy again after I turn my steering for few times. There gone my touge session and I went back to my house with empty power steering fluids in the bump. Thanks god nothing happen to it after I replaced the hose. During reparing, I found the hose is actually defected at the head, and it caused the leaking.
From the picture itself you can see the head is not flat.

Another closer look of the defected hose.

My friend is replacing the hose

No leaking after the replacement.

Spent RM278 at my friend's workshop to replace the hose...

Friday, May 1

One of The Best Chinese Novel - 功夫

功夫(Gōng Fū), chinese martial arts which is well known in the world thanks to Bruce Lee, and it is kind of dream that most of us would like to have. If you know Kung Fu, do you think those gangsters and robbers are still in your treat list? If you know Kung Fu, when in danger, then you save the life of your lover... how good it will be if you know Kung Fu! But this novel talks about the other face of Kung Fu. Like what the author emphasize: If you want to keep the justice, you must have the awareness that you will take away life of the others, fighting all the laws and rules in this world.. to have justice! One of the best novel I have ever read, and it has been honored by Hong Kong Top 10 good books for students. Try to grab the book if you are interested to learn about Justice :)

Thumbs up for 九把刀 (Jiu Ba Dao)