Saturday, July 18

Manchester United Training Session

Thanks to SK I got 4 admission passes for Manchester United Training Session on 17th July in Stadium Bukit Jalil which is our national stadium. If you don't know - I am a big fans of Manchester United since I was 16 :) This will be the first time I see them live in action besides watching them playing via TV.

Manchester United, 3 times Premier League in a row and this coming season defending champion, has chosen Malaysia as their first location for Asia Tour. Unfortunately they have cancelled their visit to Indonesia because of the terrorist attack.

I went together with Harsh, Dinesh for the training session. Not to mention how jam the traffic was when we reached the stadium, but it is all well worth when I got to see all the big guns in the field. Wayne Rooney, Rio Ferdinand, Darren Flecther, Dimitiar Berbatov, Patrick Evra all showing up, plus the new signing Micheal Owen, who has just been assigned with the magnificent number 7.

The stadium was 50% full, which I think there were more than 5o,000 people inside and the atmosphere was really fantastic. We spent about an hour there and left at 7pm, stuck in jam for 1 hour just inside the stadium, and reach office at 9pm.

It was tiring but hey, you gotta feel this at least once!

More football coverage in my blog as soon as EPL kick off!

Harsh and Dinesh both came to support MU!

This is the closest scene I can get!

Another view in the stadium.

Hey, what is the Arsenal fans doing here?

leaving the stadium with a smile on my face :)