Friday, August 28

HP - Power to Change

Still remember the tremendous Earth hour where we switch off the light to save the CO2 emission? Well Hewlett-Packard (HP) does more than that. They have launched the Power to Change program for us to continue our efforts in helping the environment.

The goal is to ensure you shut down your machine whenever you are not using them.

Don't let your computer turn on overnight.

HP realised that it is hard for a busy man like anyone of us to remember it, so they have couple of cool stuffs made for you to serve as a reminder: Widgets, Wallpapers, Stickers...

Here's how you can be part of the action: Sign up at

Thursday, August 27

Not so Exclusive - Police Pursuit in Pandan Indah (18SG)

This is a translated version taken from Chinese.Cari.Com.My Forum:

"When I was at home this morning suddenly I heard a loud tyre sound at about 8:15am. Out of curiosity I went out to take a look - there was a Proton Iswara overtook a Proton Wira while the wira was turning in from Pandan Indah way. However Proton Wira did not stop and he bang the Iswara at the back then running away. The car was turning out to Pandah Indah way at the opposite site. Those cars were quite shock and they all let the Wira go. Iswara made a U-Turn in front of Ampang Hospital to chase that Wira, following by a Kancil with loud siren.. I heard accident sounds all the way. After about 30s, there were 3 Police Cars joining the pursuit and after a short while, I heard a loud accident sounds at the junction. There were 7 police cars surounded all the cars there and they did not let anyone leaving the scene, and I saw many policeman rushing to the crowds with firearm. I cannot miss it so I took my bike and went there to check around. When I reached the scene, I found a Honda Accord and that Proton Wira involved in a major accident. I believe the suspect failed to escape due to the traffic jam and he was caught by police and sitting inside the policecar. He was at around 30s, and was bleeding. Next to him was a chinese guy with a hammer.. after looking for few minutes, I managed to chat with the owner of the Honda Accord, who is the chinese guy with hammer. According to him, that suspect was a robber and he has tried to get him for quite some times. Suspect tried to escape at the beginning but the Chinese guy is actually a tow truck call man so with his broad network, he managed to get his colleages to join the pursuit. They found some equipments in the suspect's car and believe he was using those gears for crime. After a while Police has started to clear the traffic so I went back and posted this to forum."

Based on the video provided, I saw some gangsters were trying to pull the suspect out from the car, and hit him with hammer at his head. Police are there and they actually "allowed" them to do so. What a shame!

Video by 麦米5622

Race.Rally.Research (R3)

Race.Rally.Research is a sports division from Proton, known as Proton R3. It was a branding strategy to attract publicity from media to show the world that Proton is able to have some sort of developments in Motorsports. The head of R3 is the well known Malaysia drift king Tengku Djan. The first "product" was actually a modified Satria GTi with the only original design: Blood Stripe Sticker and it was selling at RM 70k. I think whoever bought the car must be out of his mind. Over the year it has failed to introduce more powerful parts apart from the emblem, exhaust system, bodykits... and now it has gone, I have no longer receiving any news from R3 for any new performance parts.

However I must say that the introduction of Satria Neo R3 is the most beautiful one among all the local models, and it is really powerful in track - I have seen it and race with it during an open track day in Sepang circuit. Surprisingly they did not defend their title in the 2009 MME...

Please come back and continue doing what you need to do!

Tuesday, August 25

Workout Summary for Week 1

Phew.. it is already a week!
Looks like I don't have much progression...
by the way, here is the workout summary for the 1st week:

Wed - 5km treadmill + 200 push up (ouch!)
Thurs - Back, Tricep (Feels like quiting gym!), abs
Fri - Rest
Sat - 5km treadmill, Chest, Biceps, abs
Sun - Futsal

Since this is only the wake up call to my muscles so I don't really hit them hard.
I injured my shoulder last month before I went US - it was really pain!

Photo for tracking purpose (ONLY):

Friday, August 21

The Battle has BEGUN - Gaspari Nutrition Size ON

It was a long long time that I did not post anything about my workout. If you think I have stopped than you are wrong. I still keep on with my plan but I was not able to workout during my trip to U.S. In fact, I did not make much progression this year.

So I shouted to myself: LET'S MOVE ON!

I have planned to workout really hard, and there is no excuse for my laziness ANYMORE.
I will post my progression weekly - show me your support!

Supplement for this week:
Gaspari Nutrition - Size on
This is a great
Cell Volumizer to have fast recovery from intensive workout.
Click HERE for full details.
Again, you can get it from EgoNutritions for RM 256. - The Tree

This is the third film released by 15Malaysia. It is a good one but not as funny/sad as the first and second film. Maybe they want something to neutralize our mood before giving us a big one.

Wednesday, August 19

15Malaysia - Chocolate

Just watched this short movie by Yasmin Ahmad.
If first movie is funny, then this movie is the other way round.

It is heavy yet it is true.

How good if the chinese boy left her mum's yelling alone,
and hand the chocolate to the Malay girl?

Tuesday, August 18

Back to Malaysia

After 10 hours from Houston to Moscow...
After 10 hours from Moscow to Singapore...
After 1 hour from Singapore to KLIA Malaysia...
After 3 hours from KLIA to Ipoh...

I finally came back to Malaysia!
It was a 3 weeks training and learning time which the schedule is absolutely tight.

Stage 1 has completed.
Stage 2 is just about to start!

I will back to office by tomorrow!

15MALAYSIA.COM - We love Our Country

In conjunction with the upcoming Malaysia 52th National Day, there is a contribution from 15 local filmmakers to come out with 15 short films. The topics are not like past years celebration advertisement from Barisan National where only put some self imagination "peace" in their mind, but these topics are considered sensitive to our local community.

Not only this...

There are some well known faces including:
黃明志(namewee), the author of Negarakuku.
廖中莱,Malaysia Minister of Health.
Khairy Jamaluddin, Head of UMNO Youth.
Nik Aziz, PAS spiritual leader.
Yasmin Ahmad, Malaysia Political Film maker who has past away last month.

1st movie has been released on 17th Aug, and they will release 1 after another until 16th September, which nicely covered the National Day and Malaysia Day.

First Movie: Potong Saga
In this movie, the director Ho Yuhang touched the issue which the male Muslims need to cut off the fore skin of their penis. Not only this, there is a scene when Namewee's mum is chopping pork.

Must view by Malaysian, nice break through in publicizing unity in Malaysia!

View the Movie:

The making:

You can go to the website to find out more!

Saturday, August 15

Visit to Shell Penzoil Tower

We went to Houston Downtown Shell Penzoil Tower for a business meeting on last Friday. Thanks to Paul for fetching me and Eddie to Downtown. We notice that actually Houston has a big tunnel and they are a lot of restaurants and shops! Lucky that we didn't miss it. After a walk we reached the Penzoil tower. Shell took over the tower after they bought Penzoil into their group. Here we are, it has 2 towers, which is North Tower and South Tower and they are really special - it looks like 2 triangle buildings.
This is the view from outside.

There is a piramid a like glass sheild to cover both towers.

Left or Right, North or South?
We met up with Tammy and her colleages to makan first, it was afternoon and we need some energy to continue our day. We walked to another street to have a nice lunch over there.
The restaurant is in a church.. wow..

Paul purposely brought us to this meeting room to show it special it is. The meeting room was built at the edge of the building and showing the beautiful scenes from both sides.

You go further..
and further until you reached the edge. Wow.. can you see that? It is amazing to have such view in the meeting room. I wonder how they can get concerntration in the meeting..

Phew.. it is really scary to those who are afraid of height.
Our meeting ended at 5pm, then we decided to go for a walk in Downtown.
There is a nice small place for people to take a rest and enjoying the view.

Man made waterfall to release the heat in the summer.

Nice drawing on the wall.
Do you know where are we heading to? The answer is in the truck ;)

Saturday, August 8

Monster: Chevy Corvette

I never know Chevy is such a great brand that can build this type of super car, until I've seen it. This is a car with 6.2L V8 430hp supercar: Chevy Covette.

It does not look like a muscle car.
It looks small.
It is powerful.

This is the kind of car that you can take your chick and hanging around at the downtown pub area ya!
The front of the car, aerodynamic and very Italian look.
It has the classic round tail lights that most sports car has it, and not 1, not 2, not 3 but 4 mufflers! Imagine how nice the sound will be when starting the engine?
Rear look for the Chevy Corvette, not to mention the big ass wheel.
From the side it looks a bit like Lotus shape, but it has its own style if you look at the vents from the door side. Cool and purely sporty!

Friday, August 7

PROTEST: Malaysia examines Internet Filtering?

I just read this news from Reuters. It is quite a big shocking to me as Malaysia Barisan National Government is throwing another big stone to the water of democracy. As a faithful supporter of the opposition I understand the reason why the Government are planning to do so: To block and filter the message from opposition. On last Saturday, Malaysia Royal Police has arrested nearly 600 protesters in the capital city Kuala Lumpur for the rally of banning Internal Security Act (ISA). Will this be the next aggressive step that Barisan National Government is taking? According to the news in Reuters it seems might be true:

"Submissions are to be handed in by July or August. About four groups have tendered for this project," the source said.

This Internet filtering process is similar to the abandoned China "Green Dam" project, and if this happened - it will be the greatest failure to a so called "Democratic" Monarchy Country. Are you trying to follow the policy from a Communist country? This is another careless decision made by the ruling government, again.

Under the name of liberalism, I strictly protest the policy to filter internet content in Malaysia!

In 8th, March 2008, the greatest failure to the ruling government and its Alliance parties Barisan National where they lost the majority in the parliament and dominant in 5 states. At that time, the opporsition party fully utilized the resources over the Internet to advertise their propaganda to the nation.

Internal Security Act (ISA):
Under Internal Security Act 1960 in Malaysia, A person can be arrested without the need for trial in certain defined circumstances.

Thursday, August 6

Ford Mustang GT

Classic, classic, classic. It is the classic American muscle car with fame on it. Ford Mustang GT, a car built by the founder of modern car: Ford. All of us has watched Transformer, and the Police car from Decepticon definitely was a flash in the movie, yes it is a Ford Mustang GT. These pictures are taken from Houston Richman Avenue, where Ford Mustang is pretty common here. The biggest different between the Mustang and GT version is the engine (V6 and V8), and the power of course. It was a great pleasure to see it on the road, hear the roaring from the engine by myself - it is damn fierce and the shape is very nice.

Look at the classic Mustang logo and the intake nose on top of the bonet.

It really looks like a cobra snake if you see in details.

Another view of this 300hp monster muscle car.

The 4.6L V8 engine is pretty heavy and you notice that the weight distribution is not that balance.

Ford Mustang GT Specification:

Front Engine, RWD
5-speed manual (Tremec 3650)
Final Drive Ratio
Front Brakes
316 (12.4 in) x 30 mm vented disc, twin-piston 43-mm floating aluminum calipers
Rear Brakes
300 (11.8 in) x 19 mm vented disc, single piston 43 mm floating iron calipers

Engine Type
90-degree SOHC 24V V-8
4.6 Liters
6250 rpm
300 bhp @ 5750 rpm
320 lb-ft. @ 4500 rpm

Curb Weight
3,356 lb.
107.1 in.
188.0 in.
73.9 in.
55.7 in.
Body Type
2+2, Coupe, Convertible or Glass Roof Coupe

0-60 mph

5.2 sec
Top Speed
149 mph
Fuel Economy
15 city /23 highway EPA est.

Mustang GT vs Fairlady 370z Smackdown

Wednesday, August 5

Saturn Sky Roadster

I went to Galleria, a big shopping center in Houston. Just entered the main entrance and this beautiful car is right in front of me. This is the first time I saw this car maker called Saturn, and this is their sports car: Saturn Sky, what a name and I believe with the specification it can shoot you up high to the blue sky. Powered by 2.0L turbocharge engine the max horsepower is 260@5300rpm. This is awesome for an American car where you seldom see such "low" cc. Their philosophy is more to like Lotus where they are more concerntrating on power to ratio. To my surprise, it is actually a division under the big name General Motor (GM), and it is the biggest customer for my company, EDS...

Nice roadster and the aerodynamic shape is absolutely solid.

The tail light is sharp and fierce looking, with squarish twin mufflers plus the rear diffuser which is the current trend for sports car.

Projectile head light in front, it has all the trendy fassionable items with her.

The steering is not that nice to hold, plus it is a left hand drive and the transmission is Aisin 5-speed manual close-ratio with self-adjusting clutch Manual. Not bad huh.

Feel statisfied to see such a nice car!

Tuesday, August 4

Bought My Levi's at only $39.90

That's 100% original Levi's 511 Skinny. I am not sure how much is in Malaysia but 2 words: Damn cheap! After the tax and convertion rate is around RM150, which is at least Rm100 cheaper. They have Levi's 501 at $39.90 as well.

Wanna get it? Come U.S, things are really worth buying here.

There are some nice NIKE shoes where you cannot see it in Malaysia.

Long Long Limos

Yeap, I am going to show some awesome pics that I took on last weekend. These cars are so long until I don't even know how they are going to make a turn, or avoid any unwanted traffic on the road. They are called Limousines or Limos, which is a type of passenger cars that booked by people for attending ceremony or party.

If you are wondering how long can it be.. erm.. don't be surprise.

It can be this long...

This long...

Even for the Hummer! That's absolutely crazy! I thought it was a photoshop thingy when saw it over the internet, until I see it, then I believe it.

Things in US is big.. and long.. everything!

Monday, August 3

A Snapshot in Houston Downtown

Since this is our first weekend in Houston, we decided to go downtown to feel the city. Lucky enough, the place where we are staying has a train station to go downtown, just need to pay $1.25 and you can go all the stops that you want. We reached downtown at 6pm, and found everyone is leaving the city.. wtf? Actually in western country their city is closing at 5-6pm. We stop at the main street and start walking without any direction.

This street is still "breathing" after we keep walking and searching around.

A church in the city, old but match the theme well.

Saw a clock at the traffic light.

This is a clock tower where it is still running by the old mechanism, without battery.

This is a street with some bars, during our walk we found out there are a lof of shops have been close down. We never know the economy downturn hit US so badly until we saw it.

This is nice bar with good view of the street, but where is the people?

More bars on the streets, just not enough smell of people.

I guess the fast food culture is everywhere in US, because you can see McDonald's, Subway and some Pizza shops almost everywhere.

I guess this is the tallest tower in Houston, JPMorgan Chase Tower.

It is this tall.. according to a German tourist, you can have a full view of Houston downtown here. Unfortunately it is closed when we reached there.

This is the train we are talking about, it is clean and nice. A police was standing in the train and checked our tickets when we came to downtown.
We stop at the Pizza shop, and have a Corona then went back to uptown.