Tuesday, January 12

Pokai at Fitness First

Damn it, no one has ever done this to me, but Alex you did it.

I've joined Fitness First for 2 months and I really fully utilized it gao gao,
go 4-5 days per week, except last week where I was sicked.

To me, the personal trainer looks like tipu makan type, and dude - my body is better then them, so I didn't give a shit about the free training session. Intro to machines, teach you how to eat properly.. all doesn't sound good to me.

Until today, I met Alex the PT. Alex PT graduated in sports science, he asked me what's my aim as usual, and my goal is toning.

So he ajar me gao gao.. really gao where I was given an advanced training.

First was leg press where my normal weight is 80-100kg.
We went for 5 sets: 20(50kg) 15(100kg) 10(150kg) 4(200kg) 12(100kg)

I was almost fainted! Coz I thought today's session will be light and easy,
so I went for 30 mins cardio without having my dinner.

Then I went squat 70kg X 15, 120kg X 8

Then he shown me the functional training (push up, close grip push up, love shape push up.. bla bla..)

I was completely burned out.. and lying down like a dead fish!

Walaoeh.. this is the training that I want!

Another session on Thursday!