Friday, February 20

Complete guide for Satria Neo - Part 2

As promised hereby I bring you the second part of Satria Neo guideline.

This part will include the very hot topic, modification for your Satria Neo.
When I first bought it in 2007, the performance for this car was not really impressive.
So I have decided to mod it - I'm not a mod freak but I just want to personalize my car ;)

There are 3 major type of modification:
1. Power and performance
2. Handling and control
3. Appearance

Exhaust System

Formwork exhaust system in Satria Neo

Changing your Neo's air intake and exhaust system is a good investment, because up to a certain limit it is really helpful to reduce the famous CamPro laggy during pickup. My car setting is a 4-2-1 setting, changing completely from extractor till mid box till exhaust pipe.
The piping diameter recommended will not over 1.6' inches, and following the stock piping flow.
A very famous brand among Satria Neo owners is Formwork exhaust system which can provide 10hp. Another brand will be Hotbits. There are 2 types of setup, 4-1 and 4-2-1 where 4-1 provide a better performance during high rpm while 4-2-1 provide a wider power band. In my opinion 4-1 will be useful for track use while 4-2-1 will be good for daily drive.

The R3 exhaust system for the MME Group B champion Satria Neo R3:

The piping setup for the champion Satria Neo R3:

Intake System

An open port intake system is a wise choice if you want to hear the intake sound when the air filter is sucking the air, but be very careful for the setup, because the heat of CamPro engine can be really unhealthy to your car if you place your air filter near to it. For me I am using Apexi dual funnel air filter, along with custom piping and cold air intake. I can feel the performance has increased straight after I replaced with my original air filter. Moreover, you are not required to change your air filter according to the service booklet, some branded air filters like K&N offers a life time warranty for their air filters. Another type of air filter is drop in air filter which you don't need to take out your snokle, it is just plug and play. However, the performance is not that good compare with drop in air filter.

A sample of good air intake setup from my buddy Junloong's car:

A sample of drop in air filter

We will talk about more extreme parts in next issue, stay tuned!

Satria Neo R3 - I took the picture during my visit to Race.Rally.Research (R3) factory.