Wednesday, June 30

My First Visit to My House

After signed all the documents and I'm still waiting for the key but today I went to find out the quotation from the contractor, and he got the key for me!
Let's have a picture tour
There is a nice swimming pool at my area.

Fishes swimming in the pool.

Here's the management office.

This is my unit, I'm going to renovate it :)
More updates are coming!

Friday, June 11

FIFA World Cup Fever!

The game starts today and for the next 30 days, the whole world is crazy for that. So are you prepared for the fever? Managers, you will get people coming in late and dropping their productivity, or even worse - increased unplanned leave within the department.

So what I've planned for my staffs here? Everything as usual, but reminding them not to exceed the bandwidth by accessing to any video streaming site...
By the way, be smart about that lah!
GO GO Argentina!