Wednesday, July 22

Complete Guideline for Satria Neo - part 5

This will be the last part for performance topic, most of the Satria Neo owners are not satisfied with the power output, it is just lack of power even the stock engine is 110hp. After some times, Satria Neo with performance engine slowly appears - the most common and "user friendly" engines for Proton cars are 4G92 MIVEC and 4G93T GSR Turbo. Unfortunately there is a restriction for local car where we cannot upgrade to 2.0L engine, so considering a 4G63T engine is illegal.

For our Neo you have to get the "reverse" version which is the MD version. This is a 1.6L N/A engine, with Variable Valve Timing technlogy which is similiar to VTEC engine. Due to high demand, the price for 4G92 halfcut is very high - RM 8000 - RM 9000 depends on the condition and mileage. The installation is straight forward - you are not required to change engine mounting.

Specs for 4G92 MIVEC
Capacity: 1597cc
Fuel System: (Mitsubishi) multi-point fuel injection
Valve train: dohc 16v with MIVEC
Compression Ratio: 11:1
Bore: 81.0
Stroke: 77.5
Maximum Output: 172HP at 7500rpm
Maximum Torque: 167Nm at 7000 rpm

4G93T GSR Turbo
This engine is for those who like turbo and the blow off sound. This is a 1.8L engine with turbo, and the torque of this engine is surperb. As usual, due to the high demand, this half cut is ranging from RM 8000 - RM 9000. Plug and play with our Satria Neo.

Specs for 4G93T:
Total Displacement: 1834cc
Mitsubishi electronic with port fuel injection (MPFI)
Turbocharger: Mitsubishi IHI TD04L-13G-5
Compression Ratio: 8.5:1
Bore: 81.0mm
Stroke: 89.0mm
Maximum Power: 190HP At 6,000rpm
Maximum Torque: 250Nm At 3,750rpm

I have seen some Satria Neo having this monster engine, even it is illegal - if you get caught :D
This will be the ultimate engine for Satria Neo by looking at the power and torque. If you are interested, you may get the halfcut for Evolution series 5 onwards. Due to the restriction, the price is around RM 6000 - RM 8000.

Specs for 4G63T
Displacement: 1997 cc
Fuel System: ECI-MULTI
Bore: 85mm
Stroke: 88 mm
Maximum Power/Torque from base model
276 hp at 6500rpm and 373Nm at 3000rpm

Why they are all Mitsubishi engines? This is because of the history of Proton, the Proton wira series is actually a rebadge from Mitsubishi Lancer back to 90s and almost all Mitsubishi parts can be used for our National car, until Proton GEN2 where Proton started to design their own model. Till now, Mitsubishi engine is still a hot choice.

There are some other engines for your consideration also, for example the Toyota Silver top / Black top 20 valves 1.6L engine, or even Honda B series engine.