Saturday, January 30

Is Apple Going to Change the World Again?

This is not something new for this type of machine, but there is no sign of success over 20 years. Now, Apple is trying to go for it by introducing their latest machine - ipad.

To me this is a bigger version of iphone or ipod, I have already predicted Apple is going to build this, following by their great success of launching iphone/ipod. FYI, around 7m iphone was sold ;) and I have 1 of those.

The features are listed in apple website:

For me the price is not over tagged, so I think they should be able to hunt the targetted market down - $499 per ipad. The only dissapointment is no webcam, which I believe they are going to split the peripherals out to reduce the cost.

Friday, January 29

Maligayang Pagdating sa Manila

Yo Yo Yo! My another business trip, and this time is to Makati City, Manila in Philippines!

I took the Singapore Airline this time, and the trip was just 4 hours (1 hours to SG, 3 hours to PH) which is a relief to me comparing to other trips.

Picture says a thousand words, so go for it!

Came out from the airport, while waiting for my colleague's daddy to pick us up.
This is the airport security.
The crews are leaving, thanks for the service during my journey.
I'm staying in Penisula Manila, this is a XXXXX hotel and it really looks grand!
Here's the big picture, they have a musician at performance all day long - while at least when I wake up and going to sleep they are still playing. Wonderful!
Wondering where are they, here you go!
and now I just want to sleeeeeeeep zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!

Sunday, January 24

Just a weekend in Starbucks

Nothing much to do, so went for coffee at StarBucks in One Utama.
To me, StarBucks is just nice to kill some times...

but it is a little bit pricy lor.. damn it!

Monday, January 18

High Fat Level

Went to have the body composition analyzer.. not too good, my fat level is still high.
I'm planning to cut it down to 15% first, then lower again.

BMI: 23.6
Fat: 23.5
BMR: 1516kcal
Fat mass: 15.3kg

I need to get my fat level down man! learnt few useful skills from the trainer,
and I'm going to apply!

Happy Workout!

Tuesday, January 12

Pokai at Fitness First

Damn it, no one has ever done this to me, but Alex you did it.

I've joined Fitness First for 2 months and I really fully utilized it gao gao,
go 4-5 days per week, except last week where I was sicked.

To me, the personal trainer looks like tipu makan type, and dude - my body is better then them, so I didn't give a shit about the free training session. Intro to machines, teach you how to eat properly.. all doesn't sound good to me.

Until today, I met Alex the PT. Alex PT graduated in sports science, he asked me what's my aim as usual, and my goal is toning.

So he ajar me gao gao.. really gao where I was given an advanced training.

First was leg press where my normal weight is 80-100kg.
We went for 5 sets: 20(50kg) 15(100kg) 10(150kg) 4(200kg) 12(100kg)

I was almost fainted! Coz I thought today's session will be light and easy,
so I went for 30 mins cardio without having my dinner.

Then I went squat 70kg X 15, 120kg X 8

Then he shown me the functional training (push up, close grip push up, love shape push up.. bla bla..)

I was completely burned out.. and lying down like a dead fish!

Walaoeh.. this is the training that I want!

Another session on Thursday!

Thursday, January 7

Year of Tiger

This is a year of tiger

So I like my tiger

to make me into tiger!

but I'm afraid will meet tigress

then later become this tiger

So I better be this tiger

If you are white guy or chicks, just to let you know I'm celebrating Chinese New Year, and this year the lunar calendar, the boss is tiger.

New Year Resolution

Welcome, new readers, old readers you're all welcome. I like changes, I deal with changes everyday, so 2010 will be a brand new blog.

OMG 2009 just past like that.
So make a wish and set a target.

I want:

1. Less Clubbing (wasted at least a trip to Old Trafford)
2. More Saving (This is my ultimate weakness, pocket always koyakkk)
3. Do Business (I have one, just need to push it push and push it)

What's other plan? Not too sure yet but I have a good 2009 so heading for a better 2010.