Friday, August 7

PROTEST: Malaysia examines Internet Filtering?

I just read this news from Reuters. It is quite a big shocking to me as Malaysia Barisan National Government is throwing another big stone to the water of democracy. As a faithful supporter of the opposition I understand the reason why the Government are planning to do so: To block and filter the message from opposition. On last Saturday, Malaysia Royal Police has arrested nearly 600 protesters in the capital city Kuala Lumpur for the rally of banning Internal Security Act (ISA). Will this be the next aggressive step that Barisan National Government is taking? According to the news in Reuters it seems might be true:

"Submissions are to be handed in by July or August. About four groups have tendered for this project," the source said.

This Internet filtering process is similar to the abandoned China "Green Dam" project, and if this happened - it will be the greatest failure to a so called "Democratic" Monarchy Country. Are you trying to follow the policy from a Communist country? This is another careless decision made by the ruling government, again.

Under the name of liberalism, I strictly protest the policy to filter internet content in Malaysia!

In 8th, March 2008, the greatest failure to the ruling government and its Alliance parties Barisan National where they lost the majority in the parliament and dominant in 5 states. At that time, the opporsition party fully utilized the resources over the Internet to advertise their propaganda to the nation.

Internal Security Act (ISA):
Under Internal Security Act 1960 in Malaysia, A person can be arrested without the need for trial in certain defined circumstances.