Saturday, November 13

Visit to Old Trafford

Being a United fan for more than 10 years it is a dream of everyone to visit Manchester United home ground, the theater of dreams.
Due to my recent business trip to UK, I grabbed a chance to went there and fortunate enough, I am able to watch the Carling Cup round 3 game between United and Wolverhampton. It was an awesome experience and huge excitement!
I took a tram from Manchester City center, heading to Trafford bar and from there, I took a short walk to the famous home ground for United.
Main entrance of Old Trafford
The Munich tragedy memorandum clock
Plenty of seats!
MU Mascot is coming out, THE RED DEVIL!
The field
Players are coming out for warming.
The game is almost start.
Sir Alex Ferguson!

Friday, August 13

The Dog and I

Our little princess "Du Du" has came to us for 3 years, it is a cute little princher and she will be featuring in my blog today!
This is her favourite chair!
Taken with iphone app "LOMO"
Wow Wow!

Tuesday, July 13

LCCT Kopitiam - BANNED!

If you want to eat something in LCCT (AirAsia Terminal), don't go to the Oldtown kopitiam. Their service is simply horrible and unacceptable!

I went there with my gf last Sunday, sending her back to Singapore. While waiting to check in, we went to Kopitiam for dinner.

Here's the story:

1. Ordered the food - 2 Nasi Lemak Special, 1 Ice Coffee, 1 plain water.
2. Filled up the order sheet, no one is free to pick up the sheet, fine - I went to the counter and gave them the sheet.
3. Sit for 15 minutes, they gave me the sambal first, I was like "WTF?"
4. Another 5 mins, don't think my coffee is coming, the staffs were standing without doing anything, and the people who ordered after me was nicely enjoying their foods.
5. Went to the counter and questioned them, the lady is saying "on the way", then I asked her where's the coffee? She quickly get the staff to make it, left out the plain water.
6. Almost finished drinking the coffee, then I went to the kicthen and asked the staffs for the nasi lemak, bombarded them again.
7. Nasi lemak came in 3 minutes time.
8. Went to pay the bill, found they charged the plain water, told them I'm not having the plain water.

You have to know that there were not many customers at that time, there were 3 staffs for preparing drinks, 6 staffs for preparing the foods.

Sambal came first, without serving drinks and foods, you expect me to suck the sambal ah?

After that coffee came, where's my plain water???

Someone wrote this in table 50, which triggered my alertness and it is proven more than true.

So please BAN the OLDTOWN Kipitiam in LCCT!

Wednesday, June 30

My First Visit to My House

After signed all the documents and I'm still waiting for the key but today I went to find out the quotation from the contractor, and he got the key for me!
Let's have a picture tour
There is a nice swimming pool at my area.

Fishes swimming in the pool.

Here's the management office.

This is my unit, I'm going to renovate it :)
More updates are coming!

Friday, June 11

FIFA World Cup Fever!

The game starts today and for the next 30 days, the whole world is crazy for that. So are you prepared for the fever? Managers, you will get people coming in late and dropping their productivity, or even worse - increased unplanned leave within the department.

So what I've planned for my staffs here? Everything as usual, but reminding them not to exceed the bandwidth by accessing to any video streaming site...
By the way, be smart about that lah!
GO GO Argentina!

Monday, May 31

IPhone Face Fighter

Here come the first review of my IPhone application: Face Fighter
It is very funny and can be one of the "table topic" while gather with friends.

This is how it works: snap a close face photo of your buddy (or boss :P), open the app,
make him as a new enemy, then what else? Fight baby!

You can kill some of your time with this app :)

Chiwawa gave me a nice one!

Come on man, show me your color!

Here goes the egg white...

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Nice iPhone Case

Just received a nice iPhone case from Dinesh, it is a yellow leather with black stripe. Look a bit like bumblebee from transformer - it is from trexta racing series. For those who interested you may visit

Nice case comes with a fiber cloth and screen protector.

Another case from trexta - football series, I think is not a bad idea for getting one since world cup is just around the corner

- Posted from my iPhone

Wednesday, May 26

Cari Survey: Reason to go Gym

This is an exclusive survey result from Chinese Cari forum

1. Increase attraction, so the rest will keep an eye on you - 30.91%
2. Criticized by people due to skinny - 9.09%
3. Check out chicks in Gym room - 1.82%
4. Would like to look better - 36.36%
5. Influenced by friends, media or celebrities - 1.82%
6. Healthy? - 9.09%
7. Release tension - 3.64%
8. Others - 7.27%

So Malaysian chinese going gym for better looking and to increase attraction ;)

Narcissism! Haha, are you?

Thanks Everyone who is still visiting!


To all my dearest visitors, thanks a lot! I've been busy with tons of works and I almost forgot about my blog. I'm re-constructing my blog at the moment, and to add something meaningful in our life. I've decided to promote Unicef. I'm a Unicef's friend who is the regular donor. For those who interested in helping our future generation, please visit UNICEF.

For those who think ermm I'm not able to do it now, no worries! Can you see the Ads at the right side? >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Each click will contribute to Unicef because I'm going to donate whatever I've received there.

Here is the status:
RM 41.21
8.79 before you get paid!

Another RM 9 to go! Once cash out, I will show you all the proof :)

Thanks for supporting Unicef.

Tuesday, May 25

Iphone Fever!

My colleague Dinesh just got his iphone recently, and he has started to spread the virus in the office. Installing apps, showing to some colleagues with technology challenge - and they all got excited and start buying iphone 1 by 1..

I was not really "in to it" when I got my iphone 8 months ago, but I've started to help Dinesh in spreading the virus.. hahaha. Explain to my colleagues how iphone works, how itunes works, how to get apps and sync with the phone.

So I'm going to post some cool apps review in my blog, and please share some with me should you have any nice one.


Saturday, April 10

House Hunting

It was a cloudy Saturday and I'm going out to look for my dream house near Puchong area. Together with me were Dinesh and Alan. We first looking for some new development areas in Puchong Putra Permai. However, the price range from 360K to 600K outrun my budjet. Since when it is so hard to own a house??? Damn it!
Nevertheless, I managed to find out 2 affortable areas in Taman Puchong Prima.
Desa Indaman and the condominium nearby.
Here we go, this is Desa Indaman, a five stories resort type apartment:

It was nice and the selling points are the resort feel and the private water theme park.
As you can see it is almost complete. It was too late for us because the price has increased for about 50k in just 6 months! Somemore the lower units are all sold out and the only choice I have is just the fifth floor unit, which I have to climb the staircase everyday to get back.
RM 260k+ after 10% rebate from developer.
Here is the living room.
Another view of living room.

Dining table.

This is the master bedroom, not so big.
This is the condominium nearby, RM 200k after 10% rebate, which is ok for my budjet.
The Desa Indaman is just next to a big pond.
Another view.
This is the show unit living room.
Dining table
Master bedroom
Kitchen is slightly bigger than the previous one.
The extension of the kitchen