Sunday, January 18

Sunday Gym

It is another Sunday and I woke up late because I joined my team's party night yesterday. Since I ate some high fat foods so I'll need to burn them out today! It is good to have a day that you grab as much food as you can, but try to limit the fat intake.

What I ate on yesterday party night:
BBQ chicken breast - It is considered healthy but too much oil.
Potato salad - Not too bad but high calories.
Curry chicken - A bit fatty because of the coconut milk.
Todi - A type of alcohol made from coconut.

After party:
McDonald's big breakfast - High calories intake!

After my first meal in a chinese restaurant nearby my house, I went to my office straight away.
You didn't get it wrong, yes it is my office! I am quit lucky to have a office with gym facility :)

I have a warm up session by running on treadmill for like 5 minutes. Some people might need longer time but as long as you feel warm then should be enough. Don't forget to stretch your body as well!

Squat! I love squat because this is really awesome exercise which will hit your body muscles hard - your legs, your back and your shoulder. Furthermore it will also hit some core muscles so it is a full body workout. I hit it hard until I really sweat a lot!

Then I went for another exercise - leg extension, yup today will be my leg training day. Since I will have a fulsal session later on at 7pm, I just went for 2 sets. After few reps then I trained my biceps. I will explain more on biceps exercises in the next few posts.

After I feel a bit tired then I ended my session with abs training. It was ended within 1 hour, which is just nice :)

Saturday, January 17

Gym: My Journey

Many people asked me: How to make myself fit? Well, to be really honest getting fit is a tough question. For people that I'm not too close with, I just answered:"Go play some sports." For my friends, I will ask them: "Are you really want to get fit?" Building muscles is really not easy, you need to eat a lot - a lot of healthy foods. although I am still in learning phrase on how to get myself fit, I always like to share with people when they are serious. Building muscles have too many benefits to mention, and I just emphasize on 1 thing: You can live healthier than now! Looking at your big tummy and feel hopeless? There are tons of way to get rid of it. Please stay with me and I will share some tips over here. Set a target for yourself on this year, go GYM!

Photography Session - 16th Jan

Once again we have decided to have a TT session after our photographer ShyHooi has came back from Johor. Same place in Dataran Prima, Damansara and again it was raining. Almost all of us came on time at 9pm. After having our late dinner we gathered at our usual place, and our photoman is ready to roll!

Junloong R3 Neo, My White Neo and Alvin's Pinky Neo

The effect is really brilliant!

I really like the way he took the pictures

Hope we will have another session after Chinese New Year!

Sunday, January 11

Cari CamPro gathering: 11th Jan

It was a drizzle Saturday night but the rain can't stop us for attending the Campro engine gathering in Dataran Prima, Damansara. Campro engine is a Malaysian local made engine which can produce 11o Horse Power. It came with 2 capacity which is 1.3L (S4PE) and 1.6L(S4PH). Nowadays, new Proton after the Mitsubishi age all start using Campro engine (except for Proton Savvy). So it is considered a cross over gathering for Proton cars including Proton GEN 2, Proton Persona and Proton Satria Neo. All of us are from Chinese Cari Forum, which is the largest chinese forum in Malaysia.

It is a wonderful gathering and we ended up with photo session:

The beauty of Satria Neo:
Me, Junloong and Alvin(From Left)

Proton Gen2: AlienOng, Travis and friends(From right)

It that beautiful? Thanks to Junloong who taking these photos :)

Thank you to Buddy Alvin, Junloong, Nickei, Ah Seng, Alien Ong, Travis, 降龙十八掌 and more to mention for make this gathering unforgettable!

More reading on Campro engine:

My Ride: Transformed!

I bought her in March, 2007 which the car registration no of this lovely Proton Satria Neo came out in Magnum 4D on that night! So I always think she is a lucky one. Although it is a risk to get a new model from Proton, I have decided to take it because Satira Neo is really stylish and good looking. By looking at the specification the power of Satria Neo is not so promising: 1.6L DOHC CAMPRO engine which produced 110HP on engine with the weight of 1184kg. However it is a car that tuned by Lotus - A car manufacturer which is known for producing good handling sport car. Another reason not to stop me for getting this car is the price - RM45,000 for a 1.6 model. So I bought it, and I have no regret until today for 22 months. No matter love and joy or sad and tears, she is always with me.

First Photo Shoot in 2008 after made some modifications:

My ride looks COOL!

Unfortunately, I met an accident in November, 2008 and my ride is badly hurt:

My car hit the road divider on the right after oversteer,
and the Satria Neo bounced back and hit another road divider on the lift.
The impact has caused my car's lower arm misaligned,
shock absorbers damaged and more to go after checking in the workshop.

The lucky part was it did not cause any damage for my car's body,
the bumper just slightly damage - maybe it hit the divider as well.

So it takes me 1 month to fix the car in Modern Tune Sdn.Bhd,
a panel workshop in Ipoh.

After fixing it, I decided to give her a new look for a new year,
and this colour is always my favourite colour all time: Champion White!

So this is the new look for my Satria Neo:

The car completely transformed to a new taste which giving a fierce look.
The new rims seem to suite her well :)

The lower arms still giving some problems and I decided to take it back for a re-work,
it is sad to say but I believe the workshop is not that good. They should have check my car well before they hand it to me, now I have to make another trip to the workshop and I really hope this will be the last time.

Lesson of the day? Drive carefully, Don't Drink and Drive!
I have learned it, how about you?


Mod Items:
R3 Replica Lips (broken into 2 pieces after 2 months when I hit a road bump)
R3 Replica Spoiler
OZ Replica 15' Sport rims (broken after the accident)
Volk Racing Replica 15' Sports rims
Advan Neova AD07 195/50/15 tyres (changed to Goodyear Eagle F1 with 195/55/15 now)
4-2-1 complete set with 1.6' piping
Tanabe Super Medialion exhaust
Apexi dual funnel air filter
ZerOne Oil catch tank (OCT)
Autogauge oil temp meter
Aerospeed cold air intake (CAI)
Ultra Racing anti roll bar
Ultra Racing strut bar
Ultra Racing 3 points room bar

Thanks to Han who helped me to drill a hole for fitting the CAI :)

My Life: A New Beginning

This blog has been created for quit some times, but I really very busy to post some items - until 2009 and I think it is a good year for me to start up with something new.
So you see this. 2009, a year of Ox in Chinese lunar year indicates that I must working hard as an ox, and smart :) Furthermore there will be some interesting posts with my gym journey, which give me a really promising appearance! Last but not least, my lovely Satria Neo, a Malaysia local car which is really outclass.

See you soon!