Thursday, February 26

The Myth of Losing Weight

Very often I heard people asking some frequently asked questions about losing weight, and I am now posting here to provide my own though and idea, hope this will be useful to all of you.

Question: How can I lose weight fast?
Answer: No you can't lose weight in overnight, or in a short period like few days. Just sit back and think: How long does it take to make your body fat - is that overnight or few days or few weeks?
Well the answer is quite fair - you'll need to consume 7000Kcal to gain a kilogram of fat, which equal to 7 sets of McDonald's Big Mac McValue. So the journey of losing fat will be a long and tough battle, and it will be a mission impossible to a big group of people who lacked or determination and discipline. If you want to lose weight by limiting your calories intake is also a bad idea, perhaps people from last century will teach you that. So keep stick to my blog and I will show some really good tips to lose fat!

Question: What medicine/product that I can take to lose weight fast?
Answer: There are hundreds of medicine and products outside which can help you to lose weight by controlling your appetite, but this is bad for your health - you will get some side effects like severe headache, unstable heat beat, cold sweating and worse case like organ malfunction. Is that worth? Furthermore do you think you can eat that for life time? When you stopped, your body will absorb more calories and make you fatter than last time - bouncing! The answer I give here is: There is no product that will make you lose weight in a healthy manner.

Question: What exercise/workout that I can lose weight fast?
Answer: Actually there are quite a lot of workout plan and weight lose program that work - but only limited to people who have determination and good discipline. If you really want to find out those exercises, try to Google yourself and the answer will display in million pages. All workout and exercise will need time to lose fat in your body, and you will need to eat the correct food to help you out. So there will be only effective workout/exercise that can help you to tone your body, they will not help you to lose weight fast.

I will put some useful tips for losing weight in coming post, stay cool!

Tuesday, February 24

AAM KKS Autocross 2009 round 1

As promised hereby enclosed with the video and photos, it is my first time to participle in such event, and it is new thing to me as well. So my target is to enjoy the run, especially the competition is very high in group 4 (1300cc-1600cc) where I will fight with VTEC, 4AGE and MIVEC. It is a cloudy day in the morning when I reached Shah Alam Stadium. After scrutiny my car I was assigned with number 34. Then I helped out my buddy Timothy to setup a tent - well you really need this when joining motorsports event, if not you will melt under the hot sun :D The marshall briefed us at about 9:30am, show us the course and then we have a practise run. I felt good when doing the practise run, even this is the first time I participate in an event but I never feel nervous.
So we have our first run after the practise session. Thank god that day were not many cars, we only have 35 cars in total.

My first run was clocking 65sec, which is a mid range result in group 4, all together 11 cars.
Then I have my best run in run 2 which is 64sec. I still can go faster if I got another run because I was testing different driving tactics.

After that the course changed to reverse style and once again we have a briefing and walk along the course. During the practise session I was a bit confused at the turning out from the car park, and I made a wrong course during the run 3 after my lunch, probably too full my brain could not work.. lol. For your information we will take the best timing in 4 runs, best time for course A and best time for course B. Unfortunately the event was stopped because of heavy rain. By using my run 3 result (85secs - lost at least 20 secs) my placing is almost last.

I'm still happy because I didn't expect any placing for the day, and the most important part I was enjoying the event and I gained a lot of experience for autocross.

The next round will be in Johor, so stay tuned till there ;)

My second run in course A:

Nice tent thanks to Timothy:

Attacking the curve

The handling of Satria Neo is really superb

Result for Run 2

Sunday, February 22

Eat Nasi Lemak and get ripped!

Yes, it is not a joke - everyone knows that nasi lemak is a high fat food, I admit it. However, you still can eat nasi lemak and get ripped! Want to know the trick? Of course I will show it to all of you :) I'm working in IT support field and I have to work shift, means every 2 weeks I'll change my working hour, when it comes to morning shift, normally I will go for nasi lemak. Will nasi lemak makes you fat? Yes of course it will, if you not eating them properly - huh? Eating nasi lemak also have to eat properly ah? The trick here is don't eat them with empty stomach, whenever you feel hungry because of empty stomach, you tend to eat more - some people can go until 2-3 packs, and that's almost the total calories intake for female - touching 1200Kcal. So I will have my protein shake as my first meal of the day, a mixture of low fat milk and whey protein. After 2 hours, then I will grab a pack of nasi lemak, with an egg. So what we have here, you got coconut milk, rice, sambal and egg.

coconut milk - a high saturated fat, will it make you fat? Of course it will, but think further, Malaysian are not the only country that using coconut milk as our ingredient, how about Thai people? Are they look fat? I even can give you more extreme example, like pacific islanders who depends heavily on coconuts and products made of coconut, are they look fat? NO!

Huh? How come ah?

The answer is: You have to eat it in right time.

After my first meal I will take my second breakfast, so in the afternoon I won't eat a lot, sometimes a cereal drink will do. After my first lunch then I will take my second lunch after 2-3 hours again, maybe protein shake, or nuts bar and a cup of coffee (I can't live without it!).

Until my dinner time - again I split it into small meal, maybe a rosted chicken breast, mixed rice with very small porportion of rice or cereal bar, low fat milk... I just take alternative.
After 2 hours when all the carbs have been processed, then I will go GYM!

So you'll see how it works, high fat in the morning, and low fat in the afternoon and dinner.
Research showing that fat intake is actually better than you go for low fat meal all the way in order to lose weight, but take it before lunch. In addition, when you have good breakfast in the morning usually you won't overeat during your lunch time - a common mistake by some people who take "brunch" without having a breakfast.

So remember the golden rules:
1. Never take nasi lemak with empty stomach/when you are very hungry
2. Have protein as your first meal of the day, take it as earlier as possible to boost up your metabolism rate.
3. Split your meal into 4-5 small meals
4. Go gym!

Note: To my foreigner readers, Nasi Lemak is a traditional food in Malaysia where all of us love it very much. It is called Coconut Rice in english translation - A food with coconut rice, spicy gravy with dry fish, rosted peanut and eggs - it is very tasty!

My first full face helmet

Just bought this SOL full face helmet for RM320. The shop staff gave me 10% discount :) I am thinking of getting 1 full face helmet like this for long time, and I bought a wrong one last year which it does not look good when I wearing it. Since this year I'll be more active in motorsports (Track Days, Go Kart, Autocross) I have decided to invest for another helmet - and you see it, a flat black full face helmet which I really like it and it looks good when wearing it! To all motorsports enthusiasts, you really need to get a good helmet to protect you from danger :)

Just came back from AAM Autocross, my first run in this kind of event, even I didn't get a good result but I'm really statisfied and enjoying the event, more photo and video coming up tomorrow!

Saturday, February 21

Friday workout session - chest

Same time and I've finished my working week! Some people probably will celebrate with couple of beers with their mates, but for me is a little bit different - go gym, work hard and go back - it's my life. Before I started I just down a bottle of protein. After warm up I go straight to the smith machine to workout my chest. Actually I've planned to have few sets of squat but my groin is having a light injury after the futsal session last Sunday, so I decided to put it on hold until my groin is ok.

So let's start with 15 reps of warm up set:

My chest workout:
Bench Press 12,10,8,6 (Including a giant set)
Incline Bench Press 12,10,8,6
Decline Bench Press 12,10,8,6
Swiss Ball Bench Press 10,10,10

I have a new record with 120lbs for bench press! Wow!!

Damn tired man...

After that I workout my abs, and I found a new way to stimulate my abs! For so long I never have the "burning" feeling of my abs and I got it today, I'll share with you guys next time.

Friday, February 20

Complete guide for Satria Neo - Part 2

As promised hereby I bring you the second part of Satria Neo guideline.

This part will include the very hot topic, modification for your Satria Neo.
When I first bought it in 2007, the performance for this car was not really impressive.
So I have decided to mod it - I'm not a mod freak but I just want to personalize my car ;)

There are 3 major type of modification:
1. Power and performance
2. Handling and control
3. Appearance

Exhaust System

Formwork exhaust system in Satria Neo

Changing your Neo's air intake and exhaust system is a good investment, because up to a certain limit it is really helpful to reduce the famous CamPro laggy during pickup. My car setting is a 4-2-1 setting, changing completely from extractor till mid box till exhaust pipe.
The piping diameter recommended will not over 1.6' inches, and following the stock piping flow.
A very famous brand among Satria Neo owners is Formwork exhaust system which can provide 10hp. Another brand will be Hotbits. There are 2 types of setup, 4-1 and 4-2-1 where 4-1 provide a better performance during high rpm while 4-2-1 provide a wider power band. In my opinion 4-1 will be useful for track use while 4-2-1 will be good for daily drive.

The R3 exhaust system for the MME Group B champion Satria Neo R3:

The piping setup for the champion Satria Neo R3:

Intake System

An open port intake system is a wise choice if you want to hear the intake sound when the air filter is sucking the air, but be very careful for the setup, because the heat of CamPro engine can be really unhealthy to your car if you place your air filter near to it. For me I am using Apexi dual funnel air filter, along with custom piping and cold air intake. I can feel the performance has increased straight after I replaced with my original air filter. Moreover, you are not required to change your air filter according to the service booklet, some branded air filters like K&N offers a life time warranty for their air filters. Another type of air filter is drop in air filter which you don't need to take out your snokle, it is just plug and play. However, the performance is not that good compare with drop in air filter.

A sample of good air intake setup from my buddy Junloong's car:

A sample of drop in air filter

We will talk about more extreme parts in next issue, stay tuned!

Satria Neo R3 - I took the picture during my visit to Race.Rally.Research (R3) factory.

Don't waste money in vitamins

In a recent serious research conducted in US with the involvement of more than 20k people, showing that vitamins pills legend are created by those so called "Nutrition Specialists", especially "specialists" in direct sell who claiming you can stay younger and longer by taking multi vitamins. Now the result has shown that they are all very good story teller. The result has failed to show that taking vitamins C and vitamins E can protect you from getting cancer and heart disease, or any chance by lowering the risk - NOT at ALL. For bodybuilder we have been told to take more and more vitamins to provide enough nutritions for our cells and tissues. It is true up to a certain limit. For me, I am taking vitamins C after my workout session because it will help me in repairing my damaged cells. After I get up from sleep I can really feel fresh, just that and I have no believe that it will increase my life. So to anyone of you who really relying on vitamins pills, I suggest you to stop taking them, and try something natural. Nothing can compare with natural food. Food that are rich of vitamin C like Kiwi fruit, Orange and tomato can provide more natural vitamin C than those manufactured.

Wednesday, February 18

2 evil cretures in our life

Yeap, and let me introduce them to all of you: Soft drink and cup noodle! They were created by us long time ago, and due to the pace in our modern living, we are now depends on them heavily especially in our young generation right now - A noodle and coke life, they are destroying us! There are more and more research and real life example showing that a combination of cup noodle and soft drink will lead to many types of diseases and cancer. If you are really concerning you and your friend's health, please read them.

Cup Noodle

Ok, what we have in instant cup noodle? A high carb, high sodium and low mineral and fiber food. Moreover the saturated fat containing in the noodle are killing - a very unhealthy fat that will lead to cardiovascular diseases and increase the risk of cancer. The high portion of Sodium can really lead to kidney malfunction. So eating cup noodle will not only make you look fat and bulky, but it has more power than that.

Soft Drink
A can of standard soft drink - 325ml consists of sugar that are more than 10 sugar cubes. Sugars are the main thing that will make you fat, and the they are acidic where the pH level is only less than 3, is consider as highly acidic food. So they will make your body turned to acidic type and you have more and more effects for having a acidic body. I was a coke freak when I was studying in Australia last time, and my shopping cart will be at least 1 carton of coke inside. After a year, my body weight has pumped up 5kgs! You can make an experiment at home, where you put a drumstick bone inside a cup of coke then let it be there for 3 days. After 3 days, let me know how the bone looks like ;)

So, the combination of them... having a can of coke after eating a cup of noodle, will really make your life misarable. You might stumble because of a stick, but your life will "stumble" because of a bad habit.

Tuesday, February 17

Let'em GUESS

I believe most of you will have this wonderful experience, when you didn't exercise for long time and suddenly you are there for a match. What will happen to you on the next day, or next few days? Extraordinary muscle ache! You will feel your body turned into pieces and for those who really never exercise for a long period may have the difficulty to get up from the bed! But what if you go for a match again after a week? I am sure that you feel less tired than your previous match - that's what we will discuss, muscle memory. It is one of the main reason bodybuilder or athletes hit plateau or bottleneck in their training. Human tends not to change once they have stepped into a comfort zone, but you can't make this happen for your training. So I will discuss few ways for you to wipe out your muscle memory, sound's cool?

Changing your routine
The golden rule for manipulating your muscle group is to change your training routine in every 6 weeks. There are thousand of workout routines available in the internet, and I always check out for new routine in:
My routine will change in every 4-5 weeks, and I will have alternative way for my shoulder workout, if I have done set A in previous week, I will try set B in next week.

Changing your exercise hour
Same rule, let your muscle keep guessing! I have a colleague who told me that every evening his body will get warm and remind him to go gym. This is true because they will learn the timing when you workout. To avoid this I will suggest you try not to go for exercise at the almost same hour everyday. For me I will change my time in every 2 weeks - evening, night and midnight (Thanks to my job!).

Find alternative for cardio exercise
I have few friends who say that they can't lose weight anymore after few months of cardio exercise. I was really surprise when I found out they actually went and jogging for hours! I found out the reason when they told me that they just went to the treadmill and running in the same speed, same incline every week. Once your body has hit the comfort zone then you shouldn't try the same way anymore. For those who like running I will suggest you move to another exercise for a week and come back to running. For example you can go swimming, cycling, basketball game, futsal, kickboxing - there are so many exercises out there!

Go Hard!
Always, always do the exercise that you dislike the most, probably they are the most effective way to help you in losing fat. for example, setting high incline in the treadmill and running in slow - fast - slow - fast pace is what I dislike because I found it much more easier if I just running in a same speed. Well for losing weight you can't go for something that you feel "easy". Go hard, go and do some really exhausting training until you crawling out from the gym room - lol

I hope all the above tips will help you in losing weight!

Monday, February 16

Fitness Test on Sunday - 15th Feb

Chaucky from Chinese Cari forum has invited me to join the test on Sunday, before this I just wanted to go "Kepo" but since he invited me, why not to take this opportunity to check my level?

The fitness test session included below exercises:
2.4km running
Squat 10 reps and Push up 15 reps X 3
100 meters sprint X 4
Sit up 50 reps

I have tested my timing for 2.4km on Friday and clocked 12.30sec, not bad for a person that didn't really go for cardio training, but it was real tiring!

OK, so it is Sunday now, and the location is Kampung Pandan Sports Complex. I woke up early in the morning when I still can see the moon shining.

I knew it is going be a tough day for me so I have planned my meal carefully. My breakfast was fruit nuts with milk, and whey protein that will provide enough energy to me during the test.

After around 30 minutes of driving I have reached the venue and Chaucky, Origen and Onn they are all there already. Chaucky and Onn they are a distance runner and always love to take part in running competition, while Origen and me concentrate on body building/fitness.

We started the test at around 7:30am, Chaucky was leading us following by Onn, me, Origen and another guy Iamwen. I was able to finish the 2.4km in 11:15sec which is my personal best! I still can go further but I am afraid I won't have enough energy to do the next test.

The squat and push up weren't really a challenge for me because of my training routine. I considered it as a resting for me. After completing all the sets then I headed for the most challenging one - 100 meters sprint, not 1 but 4 times! I almost exhausted after the second attempt however I was able to complete it. Finally a 50 sit up which is not difficult for me in normal day, but they are like 500 reps to me now! I have finished the entire test in 17:19s,
which I think is not too bad :)

After completed the test we all continue our discussion on fitness, exercises and training.
We all agreed to have another test in few months time! After the sun coming up high, we all went home. A very nice experience!

Friday, February 13

The Launch of Proton Satria Neo CPS - 13th Feb

I went to Subang APAC at 3pm today and joined the media launching for Satria Neo CPS. Not an impressive launching especially when the Proton guy presenting the slides. The slides are not nicely done and even a colleague student can be better. Worst part was they put a Satria R3 photo and claimed it is a Satria Neo After the press conference I was able to be the first batch of public to view the real car. The car is really attractive and very "GTi" style as I predicted ealier on. Let's view the car!

Neo CPS was surrounded by all media and Proton people:

Side view of Satria Neo CPS

Rear view for Satria Neo CPS:
Overall the car is nice but it is a bit pricy. According to Proton their target market is young executive who are in salary range of RM2500-RM5000, and their target sale is 60-100 units per month. Let's see can Proton achive thier target or not?

Satria Neo CPS Launching

After 2 years of this beautiful masterpiece made by Proton, it has rolled out the facelift edition, which they package it as a new model for Proton Satria Neo High Line. It will launch in Subang APAC, Malaysia today later at 2:30pm. By looking at the brochures the car really look good and it has the classic look of the Proton Satria GTi. For me I think it is really another classic hatchback produced by Proton (Some people saying that Proton cannot make good car), after the GTi and Putra. This model comes only with 1.6L and available for high line only. Powered by 125hp CamPro engine (First model of Malaysia engine with cam profile system, a system similiar to the godlike Honda VTEC series) and Lotus handling I really want to see the peformance of this car. Let's take a look for the rest of Proton Satria Neo CPS brochures:

The Power and Performance:

Specification for Satria Neo CPS

Control and showing the big spoiler

Want to see the real car? See you in APAC, Subang tomorrow!

Wednesday, February 11

Workout - Deadlift

If you want to lose weight, you need to burn your body fat, if you want to burn your body fat you have to increase your metabolism rate. If you want to increase your metabolism rate, you have to work out your group muscles. So the answer to lose weight is hit your group muscles hard! Your body consists of 3 major muscle groups which are: Your back, Your chest and Your legs. Your effort to lose weight will cut down if you did not work out on these parts. So today I am going to introduce a very good technique to train your back: Deadlift. There are 2 types of common deadlifts technique which are the standard deadlift and Romanian deadlift.

Here we go:

Standard deadlift:

Romanian deadlift:

You can use both techniques in different days to erase your muscle memory - we shall discuss muscle memory in next time!

Enjoy your workout!

Friday, February 6

Green Tea - healthy drink to lose weight!

Thanks to my family, I like to drink tea since I was young. A cup of tea after dinner is our usual activity. Right now I have switched to green tea instead of normal chinese tea after I realized how it can help me. I would recommend all of you to start drinking green tea if you want to improve your health condition. Green Tea contains an antioxidant known as "epigallocatechin gallate" (EGCG for short) is at least 100 more times more effective than vitamin C and 25 times more effective than vitamin E at protecting cells from harmful influence. Furthermore it can prevent aging process, increase the immune system and it promote fat loss! Is that wonderful? Well please note that green tea also contain caffein which will cause some side effects if you are not a coffee drinker. For me, I love to drink it after my meal, it can actually reduce your body insulin spike so your body will not store so many fat cells :) How I actually tested it? Please find my result:
Day 1: Take dinner with plain water
I feel sleepy after 30 minutes when insulin has reached peak level at that time.
Day 2: Take dinner with coffee
I still feel a bit sleepy after a while.
Day 3: Take dinner with green tea
I really feel energitic and would like to go gym! lol
Not only that, it also will boost up your metabolism rate. Due to so many benefits almost all the fat burners in the market now contain green tea extract. So start drinking green tea today, you can get it with few bucks in any super marts.
More green tea talk over here:
Green Tea in Wiki:

Thursday, February 5

My abs - My Progress

Abs muscles, or also known as 6 packs, are the dream of every bodybuilder. Amateur like me who working in an all day air conditioning office and eating normal food selling in hawker center is really very hard to earn it. But I won't give up, it is now my measurement of my bodyfat level. If they turn blur means I have to work hard to reduce my bodyfat. After a week of Chinese new year celebration, I can say my bodyfat level has increased! Even I tried to control myself to recude my calories intake but it is real tough when you go partying around - phewwww! Allright, this is the picture after a week of crazyness. Erm.. how can I comment? My bodyfat still sticking around my lower abs part, which is a part that your fat cells love to stay. So what will I do for this month? I will go for a slightly high intensive exercise program and reduce my carbs intake in order to reduce my bodyfat. I will share my program with you guys:

Monday - Shoulder and Triceps plus 20 minutes interval running.
Tuesday - Back and abs plus 20 minutes interval cycling.
Wednesday - Will be my usual rest day but I'll see if I can go for a 30 mins jogging.
Thursday - Chest and Biceps and abs plus 20 minutes interval running.
Friday - Leg and abs plus 20 minutes interval cycling.
Saturday - REST!
Sunday - Fulsal for 1 hour.

Hope this will work! I will post my pics again after 1 month :)

Stay tuned!

Wednesday, February 4

Lipo 6 - Product Review

Lipo 6, the top selling famous fat burner product you can get in the dieting market right now - is it really useful or is this just a completely rubbish that burn your money? I can say it is partially useful but not like what they mentioned in the statement and those before and after photo. The proof? I have tested it myself, and few of my friends have tested it as well. Let start with my result, I am a coffee drinker and I can say I have immune to caffeine where I won't have all the side effects of drinking coffee. However, by looking at the supplement facts the capsule contained high dose of caffeine - 200mg where it can trigger effect like faster blood circulation and make people more awake - but not me. By following the instruction I took 2 capsules every morning after I woke up, and after 10 minutes I can feel my stomach burning but I'm still feeling hungry, unlike what they claimed in the web site.

Extra energy while working out in gym room? To be frank I don't really feel it, but there is 1 thing true about this product which it will increase your metabolism rate. For me I start sweating after 5 minutes of cycling, compare to 7 minutes without taking it. So the conclusion? My weight maintained at 65-66kgs after finished the product in 4 weeks time.

Feeling frustrated for being cheated? I'm fine with it but I feel a little bit of dissapointment.
However, some of my friends claimed below:

Rameaswaran - Feel absolute power after taking even only with 1 pill, broken his personal record where he staying in the gym room doing restless workout for few hours.
Side effects: Can't sleep if take it in evening, severe headache.
Coffee drinker? No

Prem - Can stay longer in gym room after taking it, sweat more comparing to the time when he didn't take the pill.
Side effects: headache, stomach ache
Coffee drinker? No

So the result is good if you are not a coffee drinker. If you are, then I really don't think it will help you in any sense.

A complete guideline for Satria Neo (Part 1)

Proton Satria Neo, or it was known as Satria Replacement Model (SRM) which is a brand new 3 doors hatch back to replace the old Proton Satria, was launched in July 2006. Target market for Satria Neo are youngsters who like to be different.



Bore & Stroke
76.0 X 88.0 (mm)
Fuel System
No. of Cylinders
Max. Power
82kW (110hp) @ 6000rpm
Max. Torque
148Nm @ 4000rpm

Max. Speed

Acceleration (0 – 100km/h)
11.5 (sec)
13.7 (sec)

Fuel Consumption (@ 90km/h)

The body of Satria Neo is made of high tensile steel, which is the similar material they used to build Proton Savvy. The aerodynamic look from the car body is very stylish and provide stability while cruising in high speed. Furthermore the reinforced side doors offer superior safety.

The inside of Satria Neo is a bit plastic-look, due to the low cost budget for this car. However, it has few shinning spots such as the gear cover box.

You can say it is quit safe because the materials Proton are using to build the car, furthermore with the body weight it is really stable while cruising high speed in the highway. Myself has tried to reach 160km/h and it is still very stable like I'm driving 100km/h.

You got to mention this because it is a selling point for this car. The control is simply awesome! Tuned by Lotus, which is famous of its drivable sport car, Proton Satria Neo extracted the DNA from Lotus. The cornering is really sharp and you can feel it with your hands. By following the movement of hatchback it is a bit tail happy when cornering and it will turn understeer sometimes.

Thanks to the drive by wire system the power of this car is a bit lacking when you press the accelerator. Furthermore with the Campro engine the torque will only kick in after 4k rpm. However, when it has reached 4k rpm it is quite happy to drive the car.

Fuel Consumption
Some so called "Experts" claimed that Satria Neo FC is very high, it is a petrol drinker monster like turbo car, but they not even sit inside the car. For me my car does not give me such impression. I even hit 600km with 1 full tank (RM 75) for highway/city drive. How much you'll pay for the petrol is all depends on your right foot.

Pros and Cons
So what is the good and bad for this car if you really consider to take it back home?
The good thing is this car really look sporty and stylish, it is the most beautiful Malaysian car till now. Of course you can't miss it if you are a person who like cornering - great control.
Because it is lesser on the road, so some people might have interest to look at your car :)
How about the bad thing? Well if you haven't notice this is a 3 doors car, which will let your friends getting wet if you take more than 1 people while raining, and your parents/your girl friend's parents won't like it.

The pricing:
1.6L Lite 41583.50 (Manual)
1.6L M-Line 48463.00 (Manual)
1.6L H-Line 51763.00 (Manual)

Please select only manual if you want to buy Satria Neo,
If you want to go for auto, kindly choose Perodua Myvi.

Satria Neo Community:
Once you bought the car, you can join below Neo club for technical talk to TT(Teh Tarik) session:

Gallery for Satria Neo:

Stay tuned for the next part which include modification and the Race.Rally.Research version of Satria Neo (Satria Neo R3)

Tuesday, February 3

Your career and your health: Related

It is true. Being surrounded by all kind of tasty food it is too challenging for Malaysians to have a healthy body. Look at the restaurant to check out what we have: Nasi Lemak (Rice with coconut milk, a traditional malay's breakfast), Char Kway Teow (Cantonese fried hoffan), Roti Canai (Baked Indian bread). They are totally out of nutrition, and we are eating this everyday. It is quite common that you see mid age Malaysian with big tummy walking around when you go shopping. Well the "trend" now has even spreading to young people in 20s - sleep late, having heavy supper with soft drink. Imaging if they touching 40s which is the peak moment in their career - Senior executive, Senior manager or even CEO for big company. However their are struggling everyday to all kind of diseases: heart problem, diabetes or high blood pressure. So do you want to be like that when you are in 40s? Say no and start exercise! Don't try to make it as a habbit but please consider it as a lifestyle - the very important part that will effect your career path. With a healthy body I am sure that all of us will march through the peak of all moutains.

Sunday, February 1

Whey Protein: The Truth

My whey protein powder is running out so I went to my usual place to get a new one. The shop is located in Dataran Prima, Damansara:

Ego Nutritions

Their price is really cheap and well known by some gym lovers in Klang valley. If you are too busy to go there maybe you can buy it online and you'll get delivery service!

Once entered the shop my eyes sticked to this big, bulky 10lbs ONS whey protein pack! The price? RM 388 which is cheaper than the normal 5lbs container (RM 211).

I have tried few brands of whey protein but I think this will be my final choice: Tasty, it has cookies, double enriched chocolate and vanilla for your selection. More nutrition, it contains glutamin and BCAA which is very useful to repair your muscles. I feel great after taking it for few months so I will stick with it until a better, cheaper product rolled out - think no so soon :)

Why whey protein? If you are a gym lover you probably cannot skip this protein source. It is the best digestive protein available in the market today, mainly use before/after gym. The advantages of whey protein are many: Faster recovery, assisting to build/strengthen muscles and it even can strengthens your immune system! So people around me are scared to take protein powder because they think it is a shortcut to build muscles, and I can tell you they could not wrong more than this. Whey protein provides the nutrition that your body needs, which are very challenging to get it all by eating natural food, and it is natural and healthy. To gain muscles, working hard is the only way :)

So go get your protein!