Thursday, March 3

My Night Angel - 2005 Mitsubishi Evolution IX GSR

Hey it has been really long time that I abandoned this place and I have decided to keep it alive. Moving forward I will post some car modification photos. Thanks for supporting me!

I bought this car in 2013 and make it as a project car to upgrade and modify it whenever I have some extra cash in hand.

I re-painted the car in black color from its original white color. Never own a black color car before so let's do it!

18' Volks Racing CE28 wheel

Beautiful Defi gauge meters came with the car

I have re-wrapped the leather to make it more customized

Painted the engine cover in red plus some previously modified items

My 4G63T

Friday, September 23

Trip to Melacca

Went to Melacca with my love one on last Saturday. We had a great time there and I've taken some shots.
Melacca (Melaka in Malay, Ma Liu Jia in Chinese Mandarin) is a historical town about 1 and a half hours driving distance away from Kuala Lumpur.

Hokkien Center in Melacca

This is the place we went for lunch

Nice lunch

A snapshot of the famous chicken rice ball

Another view of the shop

Jonker Street

Very nice desert shop

"Cendol" which is ice blended desert with many flavours

This is how the shop looks like

Nyonya Laksa, spicy fish gravy noodle!

This is the famous Geographer cafe

Famous Melacca "Nyonya" style foods

This is how a typical Malay style house looks like

Jonker Street

Melacca river crusing

Historical Dutch Building

I think this is a clock tower

Christian Church

This is the name of the street

Dutch fortress


The "Red House"

These are all Dutch style buildings

Another shot of Christian Church

Thursday, September 1

New Health Blog

Hi All,

I have created a new blog to focus on health topic, you might want to join me :)

Wednesday, May 11

Farewell for TY

From left: Eddie, Raz, TY, Sree and Navin

Almost forgot to post this - We had a farewell with our senior colleague in Mid Valley somewhere in March. TY is a good colleague, a good mentor and a person who looks serious, but he can be very funny sometimes. Our bill came to 1k - shots and shots from 6pm till 12am.

Thanks TY, you are my sifu!

Getting Alive!

I can't remember when was the last time I update my blog, feel sorry to all my readers. Life is going too fast and I realize if I don't do anything about it now, I will be left far behind.

January 11 - It was an ordinary month, nothing that I can remember.
February 11 - Chinese New Year, ate a lot!
March 11 - Things started to change, I went for an interview in February and I have been told that I've got the job. It is a new environment but I have decided to give it a try, stepping out from comfort zone, something that I learnt during training :) I was preparing for my handover.
April 11 - It is a new chapter of my life! I went to Singapore for my new job and everything was just too new to discover.
May 11 - And it is May already, stepping into June! I am getting there!

Saturday, November 13

Visit to Old Trafford

Being a United fan for more than 10 years it is a dream of everyone to visit Manchester United home ground, the theater of dreams.
Due to my recent business trip to UK, I grabbed a chance to went there and fortunate enough, I am able to watch the Carling Cup round 3 game between United and Wolverhampton. It was an awesome experience and huge excitement!
I took a tram from Manchester City center, heading to Trafford bar and from there, I took a short walk to the famous home ground for United.
Main entrance of Old Trafford
The Munich tragedy memorandum clock
Plenty of seats!
MU Mascot is coming out, THE RED DEVIL!
The field
Players are coming out for warming.
The game is almost start.
Sir Alex Ferguson!

Friday, August 13

The Dog and I

Our little princess "Du Du" has came to us for 3 years, it is a cute little princher and she will be featuring in my blog today!
This is her favourite chair!
Taken with iphone app "LOMO"
Wow Wow!