Monday, May 25

Sepang F1 Circuit Open Track Day - Race Day!

It was a sunny day, and it is just nice to go racing :)
I was just about to call Tougeking hope he would change his mind to come over,
but he was actually on his way to Sepang for the open track day!
What a respect to him, crusing all the way from Ipoh to Sepang and went back after that!
To be honest, I was a bit worry about my car condition because I did not send for service after 7000km of mileage. So I went and change my engine oil first because I can get the sponsored Red Line oil.

After changing oil, blasting all the way to Sepang:

Once I reached the roundabout to Sepang, I saw a group of Honda Integra Type R rushing to the circuit, so I just following them, and they lead me to the circuit:

Paid RM200 for 3 hours, and here come Sepang F1 circuit!

The circuit is hot but windy so I don't really feel dehydrated there. Once I reached the pit, I called Tuck and he told me all of them were in pit 28, what a nice number and I parked my car there, remove all the moving items plus the spare tyre:

There are more than 100 cars came today, and some were blocked from entering the circuit due to full slot - so demanding until full!

We all waiting for the green light patiently to go out for some fun!

Tougeking was here with his remarkable KE70:

Saw this beautiful Nissan GTR matte black, and this car is not just for showing off. She is real, real fast on the track. No wonder it is a Posche killer - it is!

Pit stop, where all the F1 cars used to stay, and I was here :)

Here my lovely Satria Neo entering the T2, thanks to Tougeking for showing me the way of entering every corner. My first session was slow due to first time entering the circuit, and Sepang is like a highway for me, especially both straight roads. My top speed is only 160km/h before entering T1.

Blasting the corner with Bridgestone Potenza RE001:

wooo.. I stucked in traffic jam!

T2 corner is not easy to take for a beginner like me, it is very easy to be understeer if you did not hit the apex. By looking at the photo I think I need to have adjustable suspension with me.

Cooling down the engine.. there was 1 moment it reached 150C degree and I think the gauge meter was giving wrong reading. Going to have it fixed soon.. but my car is hot, real hot!

After 5pm the circuit closed, we all headed to Dengkil for a killing dinner, then go back.

I really enjoy the fun of racing in a world class track, but too bad my car is not powerful enough and everytime was overtook by VTECs..

So here is the summary of Satria Neo in Sepang F1:
Cornering is very good, sharp and very easy to enter all corners correctly.
Gear ratio is sucks, 1st gear, 2nd gear is good but when changed to 3rd gear the power dropped.
Mid range speed is slow.. managed to enter T15 at 90km/h in 3rd gear but only can reach 160km/h 150m before T1.

Very good experience and my first time in Sepang F1!