Friday, January 29

Maligayang Pagdating sa Manila

Yo Yo Yo! My another business trip, and this time is to Makati City, Manila in Philippines!

I took the Singapore Airline this time, and the trip was just 4 hours (1 hours to SG, 3 hours to PH) which is a relief to me comparing to other trips.

Picture says a thousand words, so go for it!

Came out from the airport, while waiting for my colleague's daddy to pick us up.
This is the airport security.
The crews are leaving, thanks for the service during my journey.
I'm staying in Penisula Manila, this is a XXXXX hotel and it really looks grand!
Here's the big picture, they have a musician at performance all day long - while at least when I wake up and going to sleep they are still playing. Wonderful!
Wondering where are they, here you go!
and now I just want to sleeeeeeeep zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!