Friday, September 23

Trip to Melacca

Went to Melacca with my love one on last Saturday. We had a great time there and I've taken some shots.
Melacca (Melaka in Malay, Ma Liu Jia in Chinese Mandarin) is a historical town about 1 and a half hours driving distance away from Kuala Lumpur.

Hokkien Center in Melacca

This is the place we went for lunch

Nice lunch

A snapshot of the famous chicken rice ball

Another view of the shop

Jonker Street

Very nice desert shop

"Cendol" which is ice blended desert with many flavours

This is how the shop looks like

Nyonya Laksa, spicy fish gravy noodle!

This is the famous Geographer cafe

Famous Melacca "Nyonya" style foods

This is how a typical Malay style house looks like

Jonker Street

Melacca river crusing

Historical Dutch Building

I think this is a clock tower

Christian Church

This is the name of the street

Dutch fortress


The "Red House"

These are all Dutch style buildings

Another shot of Christian Church