Wednesday, September 2

Workout Summary for Week 2 + Advantages of Workout!

Stepping into end of second week, and again it does not look promising!
Maybe I got a bit lazy towards end of the week..

Tuesday - Shoulder + triceps + 5km + abs
Wednesday - back and leg (Heavy Squat) + abs
Saturday - Chest + biceps + abs

The weight is back to my usual weight, and I was managed to carry more weight on Saturday.
I believe that's working because my chest is still feeling pain now!

Week 3 workout plan will be more extreme!

If you are reading this and wondering when you want to start, don't think twice.
Please make your first step today!

1. You will have good body shape.
2. You will get younger.
3. You will be healthy.
4. You can easily create topics while chating with chicks.
5. You will become more confident.
6. You will have a good lifestyle.
7. You will be more discipline.
8. You will get to know your body.
9. You will learn to eat correctly.
10. You will know nutrients well.

and more to list :)