Tuesday, July 13

LCCT Kopitiam - BANNED!

If you want to eat something in LCCT (AirAsia Terminal), don't go to the Oldtown kopitiam. Their service is simply horrible and unacceptable!

I went there with my gf last Sunday, sending her back to Singapore. While waiting to check in, we went to Kopitiam for dinner.

Here's the story:

1. Ordered the food - 2 Nasi Lemak Special, 1 Ice Coffee, 1 plain water.
2. Filled up the order sheet, no one is free to pick up the sheet, fine - I went to the counter and gave them the sheet.
3. Sit for 15 minutes, they gave me the sambal first, I was like "WTF?"
4. Another 5 mins, don't think my coffee is coming, the staffs were standing without doing anything, and the people who ordered after me was nicely enjoying their foods.
5. Went to the counter and questioned them, the lady is saying "on the way", then I asked her where's the coffee? She quickly get the staff to make it, left out the plain water.
6. Almost finished drinking the coffee, then I went to the kicthen and asked the staffs for the nasi lemak, bombarded them again.
7. Nasi lemak came in 3 minutes time.
8. Went to pay the bill, found they charged the plain water, told them I'm not having the plain water.

You have to know that there were not many customers at that time, there were 3 staffs for preparing drinks, 6 staffs for preparing the foods.

Sambal came first, without serving drinks and foods, you expect me to suck the sambal ah?

After that coffee came, where's my plain water???

Someone wrote this in table 50, which triggered my alertness and it is proven more than true.

So please BAN the OLDTOWN Kipitiam in LCCT!