Friday, May 1

One of The Best Chinese Novel - 功夫

功夫(Gōng Fū), chinese martial arts which is well known in the world thanks to Bruce Lee, and it is kind of dream that most of us would like to have. If you know Kung Fu, do you think those gangsters and robbers are still in your treat list? If you know Kung Fu, when in danger, then you save the life of your lover... how good it will be if you know Kung Fu! But this novel talks about the other face of Kung Fu. Like what the author emphasize: If you want to keep the justice, you must have the awareness that you will take away life of the others, fighting all the laws and rules in this world.. to have justice! One of the best novel I have ever read, and it has been honored by Hong Kong Top 10 good books for students. Try to grab the book if you are interested to learn about Justice :)

Thumbs up for 九把刀 (Jiu Ba Dao)