Sunday, May 17

AAM KKS Autocross 2009 - Round 2

It was a sunny Sunday, and we are at Sepang F1 Circuit... Car Park for the second round of AAM KKS Autocross. It was suppose to be held in Penang but not sure why last minute they changed it to Sepang. I believe it is not published properly hence there are not many participants.

No matter how, they are still a bunch of autocross hardcore supporters!

Beautiful Nissan Skyline...

She can turn to a beast during highspeed man, powered by RB26DETT engine with 280hp.

The Proton legion

Toyota Corolla 4AGE, the sole driver in class 1600cc, damn I didn't bring my Satria Neo this time!

The MRS legion, they were in second ranking

Very nice car for autocross

This is Japan GT wide bodykit baby.

and we have the EVO legion, they rule the round 2 autocross this time by grabbing first and second fastest time of the day.

Evo track car.. wow

and this is a 400/500 horsepower?

I don't know man, you judge it yourself!

Not a very good timing, due to first time driving FR car in autocross event, but I improved from 1:45 to 1:42 which is 3 secs after the lunch!

This is the track layout, actually I made 2 mistakes and I got DNF for A run 1 and B run 1, thanks god I managed to capture the time in run 2 for both A and B. The best timing is taken from your best run in A and B course.

To summarize it, I really appreciate Tim to let me drive his S15 and it was my second time driving the car. I learnt a lot today because I now can understand how FR car behave during cornering and breaking. It is a brand new experience to me! Being a car enthusiasts it is always excited to practise something that you know from the paper.

I'll be there again with my Satria Neo :)