Sunday, May 10

Power Steering Hose Leaking...

It was last Sunday when Daniel gave me a morning call to touge in KL, genting sempah area. Wassup man if talk about touge needless to speak other than action to take! So I headed to batu cave all the way and after a short chat with Daniel and his another MR2 friend Yap plus a grey Satria Neo, we headed to sempah all the way and went Bentong till Genting half hill, where I found my steering was very heavy suddenly, and after a quick check my power steering hose was leaking like crazy. Luckily, with helps from Daniel and friends I was managed to fix it temporary, but the leaking went crazy again after I turn my steering for few times. There gone my touge session and I went back to my house with empty power steering fluids in the bump. Thanks god nothing happen to it after I replaced the hose. During reparing, I found the hose is actually defected at the head, and it caused the leaking.
From the picture itself you can see the head is not flat.

Another closer look of the defected hose.

My friend is replacing the hose

No leaking after the replacement.

Spent RM278 at my friend's workshop to replace the hose...