Friday, June 26

Paintball / Painball? Yeoooow!

I was on vacation for a week, and I decided to go Parit Bundar to join my buddy Tan, Chean, Siang, Jeffrey for paintball game. I wanted to join this for quite some times but don't have any kaki.. here come the chance and I grabbed it!

When there to stay for a night and enjoy the food there - it is really delicious!

The next day we went for the event, surprisingly many of the them wore like soldiers - full gear up with uniform, kevlar, gloves... wow! Some of them wear like a special force, coooooool!

Here are some pics:
Tan is checking up his gear before the battle.
House marker.. not a good choice to face all the professionals.
The small map - nice to play and you really need a good strategy for it.
I look like a terrorist man! Wahahahahahaha!

We played few rounds and all of them were on different spots - it just like counter strike where we have different map - small, medium and as large as a jungle! It was pretty scary to battle in a jungle where I hardly can see enemies due to their uniforms. When I saw them they are already in very close range - fire in the spots! I pull the trigger and fight bravely!

Got shots for few times during the battle in small map and it is actually quite painful - they all carried their own marker where the shooting range and accuracy is far more better then my house marker.
We played till evening and decided to call it for a day - went home with sweet smile :)