Tuesday, July 14

Perak Drift Show 2009

It was a 2 days events where they have time attack (Autocross) on Saturday and Drift challenge on Sunday. I joined the time attack competition and surprisingly grabbed the champion for Class D (Open Class)! It was my first trophy of my journey in motorsports. I am really happy with it.

As usual, we went for the course walk after the registration and soon after we have 2 rounds of practice sessions. After the practice session, then we have 3 heats to get the best timing.

I managed to clock 41:09s for my first run in Class B, which is the best timing for heat 1. It is really unbelievable when I found out my timing! The second fast timing is 2 secs slower than my timing - how can you believe man!

Furthermore, I clocked 43:03s for my heat in Class D, which is again the fastest in that class, until we completed the second heat - I was leading in Class C and was second in Class D, including the best timing for that day.

Things become more interesting after the lunch, I was not able to renew my record in class B, but I did the best run in Class D where I managed to reduce my timing to 40:93s - the best timing so far in all class, until Azmie made a strong strike back to grab the best timing for that dau - 40:00s! Congrat to Azmie and the powerful Civic EG VTEC :)

So the final result - I won in Class D and was second in Class B.
It is really my day because I just want to participate and learn more from the others, maybe my pet - Satria Neo wanted to challenge them.. lol

I hope can do better in the coming event!
Special thanks to Timothy Ketit for supporting me and my sponsor: Red Line Oil

Another look for the Redline sponsored Satria Neo:

The overall results for the time attack challenge:

My dream car - AE86

Happy mummy with the trophies: