Wednesday, February 3

Vanakkam Chennai!

After Manila > Singapore > Kuala Lumpur now I am already in Chennai, India. Well before I come to India, many of my friends told me that you have to come India at least once in your life. Now I know why they said that. This is really a poor land, most probably impoverished by corruption or whatever reason that they should not have it. I guess after this visit, my value will definitely changed...
As Malaysian India is not something new to us - we have Indian as one of our biggest group. Somehow, it is a huge different when I touched the ground and breathe the air in India.
The traffics here are horrible, people are driving like mad and aggressive looks like they are rushing for their life. Everywhere are full of smashed tiles and broken bricks like they have been bombarded for years. Inside the hotel and outside is 2 worlds.
Welcome to India :)

Upon arriving Chennai, a snapshot outside the airport.

We have a wonderful lunch in this restaurant.

This is the real world..

The famous Marina beach.. nothing much it is just an ordinary beach, but to local is one of their hotspots for dating.

This is the fish market.

A goat is standing on top of a store. It is a store :)

Wondering if this is a house? Yes it is.

This is the vihicle we took for sight seeing - Auto rigshaw.

My colleague Raj and the auto rigshaw drive Navin, who turned into a big time con man trying to charge us super extra. Really can't blame them, this is their life.

People in bus are looking for the Chinaman who took picture of them.
A temple in Chennai.
Church, and the iconic auto rigshaw.