Saturday, April 10

House Hunting

It was a cloudy Saturday and I'm going out to look for my dream house near Puchong area. Together with me were Dinesh and Alan. We first looking for some new development areas in Puchong Putra Permai. However, the price range from 360K to 600K outrun my budjet. Since when it is so hard to own a house??? Damn it!
Nevertheless, I managed to find out 2 affortable areas in Taman Puchong Prima.
Desa Indaman and the condominium nearby.
Here we go, this is Desa Indaman, a five stories resort type apartment:

It was nice and the selling points are the resort feel and the private water theme park.
As you can see it is almost complete. It was too late for us because the price has increased for about 50k in just 6 months! Somemore the lower units are all sold out and the only choice I have is just the fifth floor unit, which I have to climb the staircase everyday to get back.
RM 260k+ after 10% rebate from developer.
Here is the living room.
Another view of living room.

Dining table.

This is the master bedroom, not so big.
This is the condominium nearby, RM 200k after 10% rebate, which is ok for my budjet.
The Desa Indaman is just next to a big pond.
Another view.
This is the show unit living room.
Dining table
Master bedroom
Kitchen is slightly bigger than the previous one.
The extension of the kitchen