Wednesday, April 8

70% food + 30% workout = lose weight

Once again people asking me the secret of losing weight and getting fit. I would like to say, it is actually quite simple, some people just want to make it complicated and try to scare people that losing weight is like a mission impossible. To do it, I have few formulas:

1. Intake calories < total calories required per day
2. 70% food control + 30% workout = lose weight

Nothing is impossible. I know a friend who cut down 50kg in 6 months - listen up, it is 50kg = 100 pounds in 6 months. There is no secret for him as well, exercise and food control. If you think you are going to lose some fats, don't think, you gotta action it.

We talk about food intake today, as a Malaysian we all like nasi lemak, mamak food and all kind of fast foods. So your first step is to stop all these for a while, if you think you cannot do it, please leave my page, the rest are not important for you anymore. I always encourage people take the 5% initiative to have their first step. For example - If you eat 3 times of crap foods per week, cut it down to 1, and make it 0 by next week. Cut down all the high fat foods as your first step for healthy lifestyle, then you go exercise, then you go gym for body fitness.

It happens to me, it happens to anyone who willing to put in extra effort for health.