Monday, April 13

If You would like to Buy Satria Neo

Thanks to a Chinese cari member Trident who calculated the repayment for Satria Neo and Satria Neo CPS. For those who are interested in buying a Satria Neo 1.6L, you may refer to this chart. However, the information showing here like downpayment and loan value is subjected to individual and bank. To date, the lowest interest rate you can get for your Satria Neo is 3.75%.
0 downpayment is not allowed for Satria Neo but I strongly advise all of you to pay more downpayment to avoid long term suffering...

Stuffs that you can request from the sales person:
Free gifts like umbrella
Free tinted voucher - RM 200
Full tank of petrol

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MT-B lineAT-B lineMT-M lineAT-M lineMT H-LineAT H-Line
OTR price43,900.0046,900.0048,463.0051,463.0051,763.0054,763.00
Downpayment-assume 10%4,390.004,690.004,846.305,146.305,176.305,476.30
Loan value-3.75%39,510.0042,210.0043,616.7046,316.7046,586.7049,286.70
Real payment  in 5 yr46,621.8049,807.8051,467.7154,653.7154,972.3158,158.31
Real payment in 7 yr49,466.5252,846.9254,608.1157,988.5158,326.5561,706.95
Real payment in 9 yr52,311.2455,886.0457,748.5161,323.3161,680.7965,255.59
Installment  in 5 years777.03830.13857.80910.90916.21969.31
Installment in 7 years588.89629.13650.10690.34694.36734.61
Installment in 9 years484.36517.46534.71567.81571.12604.22
Interest been  Earn in 5 years7,111.807,597.807,851.018,337.018,385.618,871.61
Interest been Earn in 7 years9,956.5210,636.9210,991.4111,671.8111,739.8512,420.25
Interest been Earn in 9 years12,801.2413,676.0414,131.8115,006.6115,094.0915,968.89

SATRIA NEO CPSMT-CPS-solidMT-CPS-metallicAT CPS-solidAT CPS-metallic
OTR price57,313.0057,763.0060,313.0060,763.00
Loan value51,581.7051,986.7054,281.7054,686.70
Assume  Interest Rate 3.75%

Total payment  in 5 years61,253.2761,734.2164,459.5264,940.46
Total payment in 7 years65,121.9065,633.2168,530.6569,041.96
Total payment in 9 years68,990.5269,532.2172,601.7773,143.46
Installment  in 5 years1,020.891,028.901,074.331,082.34
Installment in 7 years775.26781.35815.84821.93
Installment in 9 years638.80643.82672.24677.25
Interest been  Earn in 5 years9,671.579,747.5110,177.8210,253.76
Interest been Earn in 7 years13,540.2013,646.5114,248.9514,355.26
Interest been Earn in 9 years17,408.8217,545.5118,320.0718,456.76