Wednesday, April 22

Touge on 19th April with Tougeking + Friends

I got this last minute and I just managed to catch them in Simpang Pulai Shell petrol station. We have some visitors this time who coming from Penang > Tan V6, Chean, Jeffrey and Siang. Along in the group are the famous Tougeking (TK) with his Franken 70, Botak Ali and friends, Kev and two girls. I just realised this was the first time I touge with TK's Franken 70, and he is scary However, during the touge the Kelisa went into drain, luckily all of them are ok, then we all laughing because the Kelisa looked like parking on top of the drain!

Kelisa parking on top of the drain - ngam ngam ok! LOL...

My Satria Neo 1.6L

We continue our touge after the tow truck pulled the Kelisa out, and during the downhill session Tan V6 sit in my car and he gave me valuable tips for touge. It is really an eye opener for me because his explaination is awesome! FYI, TanV6 is a certified instructor and usually people pay him for his advice.. lol

After the touge we headed to Ipoh famous Icy Beer to chill out and enjoy our supper.
It was a great day unfortunately Manchester United was out of FA Cup final.

More touge coverage HERE.

Video for Kelisa driving on top of the drain... :D