Sunday, January 18

Sunday Gym

It is another Sunday and I woke up late because I joined my team's party night yesterday. Since I ate some high fat foods so I'll need to burn them out today! It is good to have a day that you grab as much food as you can, but try to limit the fat intake.

What I ate on yesterday party night:
BBQ chicken breast - It is considered healthy but too much oil.
Potato salad - Not too bad but high calories.
Curry chicken - A bit fatty because of the coconut milk.
Todi - A type of alcohol made from coconut.

After party:
McDonald's big breakfast - High calories intake!

After my first meal in a chinese restaurant nearby my house, I went to my office straight away.
You didn't get it wrong, yes it is my office! I am quit lucky to have a office with gym facility :)

I have a warm up session by running on treadmill for like 5 minutes. Some people might need longer time but as long as you feel warm then should be enough. Don't forget to stretch your body as well!

Squat! I love squat because this is really awesome exercise which will hit your body muscles hard - your legs, your back and your shoulder. Furthermore it will also hit some core muscles so it is a full body workout. I hit it hard until I really sweat a lot!

Then I went for another exercise - leg extension, yup today will be my leg training day. Since I will have a fulsal session later on at 7pm, I just went for 2 sets. After few reps then I trained my biceps. I will explain more on biceps exercises in the next few posts.

After I feel a bit tired then I ended my session with abs training. It was ended within 1 hour, which is just nice :)