Saturday, October 10

I Amsterdam - Part I

I was really excited when I knew I'm going to Amsterdam, the capital city of Holland. The best part is I will stay there for 2 weeks. It was a wonderful trip and I have met a lot of nice people over there. Here's the pics and I will keep posting them. Too many photos to share :)

I took KLM direct flight to Amsterdam and it was about 13 hours in the plane itself, phew.. really driving me mad. However everything is well worth after I have landed in Amsterdam. Chill weather (15-16 Degree), nice buildings and scenery!

People over there are very friendly and helpful. They are very willing to speak English and all of them can speak fluent English. Just the straats (Dutch) name are very hard to remember because it is too long and hard to pronounce. However, you should not find any issue travelling around Amsterdam city because the transportations are highly efficient and very convenient.

In Amsterdam they offer Train, Ferry, Metro, Tram, Bus and even Bicycle. You can have your own choice but if you want to have good view of Amsterdam, take the Tram. There are 24/48/72/96Hours ride card to suit your requirement and you can use 1 card to take Metro, Tram and Bus unlimited within the period. I bought weekly pass for 25 Euro (RM 125).

First shot once get out from Centraal Station of Amsterdam (Left).

This is the street once I crossed the road. Most of them are tourists.
Souvenir shops, food stores and restaurants on my right.

This is another view on my right.

I turned back and snapped a nice one. That vehicle is Tram.
That building is Centraal Station.

I keep walking and snapped this building on my left,
this is a shopping mall but I can't afford Euro :D
So I keep walking...

This is Dam Square, like the centre point of Amsterdam.
You can choose to cross the street to your left or keep walking.

I kept walking and I saw this. Amsterdam is surrounded by rivers.
Here is in Red Light District area.

This ancient castle has turned to a restaurant.

More to come :)