Monday, October 12

I Amsterdam - Part III (Hard Rock Cafe, van Gogh Museum)

After get out from Heineken Brewery then I headed to another attraction point. Hard Rock Cafe Amsterdam. Not a big fan but feel nice to visit. So I was walking walking and walking. Thanks to the chill weather and scenery there, I feel walking is something nice!

River is everywhere in Amsterdam.

Rijks Museum, I didn't stand a chance to visit it.

Casino, also very common in Amsterdam. This is "Holland Casino".

Another view of Holland Casino.

On my right is a pub and this is actually an area with people eating, enjoying sun light. Sun light to them is like snow to us in Malaysia!

The building design is very special, not sure what it is.

Look at the people here, it is Saturday afternoon and this is their lifestyle.

So here I am, Hard Rock Cafe (Amsterdam)

Bought some souvenirs, snap some photos...

Big bike inside the Hard Rock Cafe.

After that I left the square and look for other nice attraction points.

Found a park with some events and people playing futsal, enjoying sun light...
and this: I amsterdam

It is a nice park with a pool.

I keep walking to find the location of Van Gogh Museum.

I was a bit lost...

Finally, this is the place that I wanted to go.

This is the new section of the museum but they have not open to public yet.
I bought a ticket and it costed me €12.50 to visit.

Another photo of the museum. Due to the restriction of taking photo inside the museum I was only able to view it with my eyes. Wonderful masterpieces from van Gogh, it was really a great visit!

After spending couple of hours inside the museum, I went for my dinner.

Coming Next... Amsterdam Red Light District!