Sunday, October 11

I Amsterdam - Part II (Heineken Brewery)

I decided to visit Heineken Brewery in Amsterdam this Saturday. Heineken, the official sponsor for UEFA Champions League is a Dutch beer and it is common in Malaysia.

So let's start the experience!

I took a Tram near my hotel to get there(Of course I did some research la..)
It taken me about 20 minutes then I almost reached.

I get down from Centrumring, it is a roundabout for Tram, cool right?
A little bit further down the road will be the destination.

Here you go, now you know how hard to remember the Dutch street name right?
This area has some other tourist attraction spots such as Rijks museum, Hard Rock cafe and Diamond factory.

Heineken Brewery... wooo inside sure got a lot of Beerssssss, yummy!
This Brewery is still operating, and they open a portion to public.

This is the entrance of the Heineken Experience Shop. The entrance fee is €12 (RM 60)

So with €12 you will get a tag, and 2 beers! A cup of beer in Amsterdam's pub cost you €3 so the entrance fee is actually €6! Good deal man.

These are the overall activities in the brewery.

The old school type of Heineken logo when they first started the business.

Of course must take some photos with the old poster!

They used horses as transport to distribute the barrels before introducing motor vehicle.

Some old photos to show us the time line of Heineken history.

I keep walking and went to the welcome lobby where there is a large projectile TV introduction Heineken from beginning till now.

Mr. Heineken, he looks like the founder of Heineken beer.

After that there is a room showing all the old beer bottles.

If you are alcoholic then you got a bigger bottle!

WOBO bottle? This look like medicine bottle man.. hahahaha

Ceramic beer tankard! Wow..

This is the wooden box to store bottles of beer and distribute to all bars.

Horses.. no no they are not using them anymore :)

They keep changing the beer's bottle label as time move on.

After that, I went to the next section which will be an interesting learning - The making of Heineken beer.

This is a room with all the ingredients to make beer and there is a staff explaining the whole brewing process.

Staff: "So alcoholics, do you know what you are actually drinking huh?"

Malts, hops and yees will be the special formulated one to distinguish from other beers.
Trust me, they don't smell good.

Look at this shit inside, would you believe you will drink this?

So let me try.. ermmm
The taste is like barley.. haha

After that they will put the shit inside this big bronze brewing machine... and wait.

When that machine does not exist, they will hire you to manually "brew" it.

Inspection process... here you can pay €5 to purchase a bottle of Heineken with your name!

Bottle your own! Your name will appear right at the bottom.

After that a staff taught us how to taste the beer.
Girl, you should take larger sip to taste it!

Then I was here.. it's football time! Very nice show room with TV surrounding it...

and James Bond will drink together with you.

Collection of bottles, which one you like?

I like this man.. this really look elegant!

This is a display corner with Heineken Super Chill beer.

Do you like your fridger looks like this?

Hall of fame with all recent Champion's League winner.

Manchester United - winner of 2008 Final

Finally, let's taste some cold beers..

Actually.. I just want to taste the beer.. that's it.. hahaha

Cheers! Fresh beer straight from the brewery. It tasted smooth and silky!