Friday, October 16

Dare to London - Episod II (Carnaby Street, Covent Market, Chinatown)

When I woke up it was already 12pm. My buddy Him took me to a restaurant nearby to have "breakfast" and it was the first time I was having a all english breakfast, yummy! After the quick meal we then dressed up and following Hin's uncle to the train station. When we reached London it was already 2pm. First we have a quick glance at the famous Carnaby street while walking to meet another friend. It is really different when you have a tour guide. Our first destination was Chinatown and we have another meal there :) So let's take a walk!

This is the place where I stayed, nice house and very "English" style :)

Walking with Hin to the restaurant.

We were walking towards the Carnaby Street.

Here we are, this is the welcome plate in Carnaby Street.

You are being watched! There are some shop lots along the street.

This is the very famous cinema. Prime show for Harry Potter was held here.

Chinatown! It is in Leicester Square area and here is the core area of London.

This is a famous steak house, plus a snapshot for the UK public telephone.

Some nice logos.

London public bus! Another classic London icon.

London taxi, it is very classy.

We went to Covent Garden, and there is a mini market inside.

Wo ohhhh.. Invisible man! This is one of the road artist.

Another cool warrior with his sword.

This is the mini market, there are many stores and a lot of nice items.

We went to few places and they are very pack, finally we went to a Hong Kong restaurant and have some good foods there. Thanks to Wen for the nice afternoon meal!

Stay with me, more actions after the lunch!