Sunday, February 1

Whey Protein: The Truth

My whey protein powder is running out so I went to my usual place to get a new one. The shop is located in Dataran Prima, Damansara:

Ego Nutritions

Their price is really cheap and well known by some gym lovers in Klang valley. If you are too busy to go there maybe you can buy it online and you'll get delivery service!

Once entered the shop my eyes sticked to this big, bulky 10lbs ONS whey protein pack! The price? RM 388 which is cheaper than the normal 5lbs container (RM 211).

I have tried few brands of whey protein but I think this will be my final choice: Tasty, it has cookies, double enriched chocolate and vanilla for your selection. More nutrition, it contains glutamin and BCAA which is very useful to repair your muscles. I feel great after taking it for few months so I will stick with it until a better, cheaper product rolled out - think no so soon :)

Why whey protein? If you are a gym lover you probably cannot skip this protein source. It is the best digestive protein available in the market today, mainly use before/after gym. The advantages of whey protein are many: Faster recovery, assisting to build/strengthen muscles and it even can strengthens your immune system! So people around me are scared to take protein powder because they think it is a shortcut to build muscles, and I can tell you they could not wrong more than this. Whey protein provides the nutrition that your body needs, which are very challenging to get it all by eating natural food, and it is natural and healthy. To gain muscles, working hard is the only way :)

So go get your protein!