Friday, July 31

Moscow > Houston > Get stucked!

After the long 10 hours flight we landed at Moscow airport. It is only 18C even it is summer, what a nice place. I did not spend much time there because the stopover was just about 2 hours. I am heading to Houston then.. very tiring journey.

The airport is not very big, just look like a domestic airport.

I was looking at my flight's schedule, where is English.....?

After get on the Boeing 777 big bird, sit in economic class seat for another 10 hours (nightmare), I arrived in Houston. Predictable, the national security officer stopped me at the entrance and asked for another screening, which took me 2 hours to complete the whole process.

First they placed me in a room with other unlucky foreigners, mostly from east Europe or third world country, until they called my name, then I need to fill up a form where the information has been filled up for more than 4 times - it is Special Registration where I have to declare for leaving United States. After some questionaires finally I entered U.S!
I reached SpringHill Suites by Taxi, I really exhausted to find another way of reaching the hotel. Guess how much it cost me? $60 which equal to RM 210 for 30 minutes drive.
It is summer, it is hot.
You won't think of other stuffs once you see this.. z Z Z!