Wednesday, July 22

I got my US Visa!

Started as an third party contractor in Shell, until I passed the assessment to become a Shell Staff, until Shell outsourced Shell IT to EDS, until EDS has been acquired by HP to become EDS, an HP company, I have never think about the possibility to go oversea for business trip - until I got my US visa. There will be at least 3 weeks in US for this trip - My work is to bring the service back to Malaysia. When my business manager offer this role to me, I have no hesitation to say yes. Not for the sake of having fun in oversea, what I am looking for is the challenge of this role. EDS Request Management - a growing team with a lot of opportunity, is recruiting. Please let me know if you are interested, I am sure you can demonstrate your talent here.


Ops... not yet, haven't tell you guys how I got it. After the Interview in US embassy last week, the officer informed me that I am going to wait for a week. On last Friday, they gave me a call and ask me to hand my passport for the visa. So I went to the embassy again on Monday morning, then went to KL once again to collect my passport. The pickup point is in Wisma MCA, 19th Floor.

My last piece of advice, before you plan anything, go get your visa first!