Sunday, July 26

Departed from KLIA and transit at Changi Airport

As usual, checked in 2 hours earlier and the SIA staff passed me the boarding pass.
Walking here and there, take some pictures, grabbed McD (I'll be loving it in US)

There is an Aerotrain to bring me from departure hall to the Terminal in KLIA..
sorry if this is not something new to you because this is my first time boarding in KLIA.

My flight departed from KLIA at 8:30pm and arrived Singapore Changi Airport at 9:30pm. The next flight will be at 2:20am so I have to stay for couple of hours here. Thanks God I brought my laptop with me to pass time.

Phewssss... passing gate by gate via the walking machine...
Another 20 hours to reach Houston, why can't they build a warp portal? hehehehe...