Wednesday, July 15

Visit to US Embassy + How to apply US visa

I will have a business trip all the way to United States on this weekend, but it has been posponed due to I don't know what reason. Let's check out the entire process then you will know how hard it is going to apply an US visa.

Process to apply a non-immigrant visa (For vacation or business visit):
1. Go to any of the Alliance Bank branch and pay RM 532 (non-refundable) for processing fee.
2. Once you got the resit, wait till the next day and go to VFS where you'll need to:
Schedule an appointment with the embassy
Fill up at least 1 form (DS-156) and DS-157 if you are males between age 16 and 45
3. Snap a US Visa standard photo and attached to DS-156
4. You are right to go, with below items:
- Appointment letter
- Passport (carry all your previous expired passports)
- DS-156 / DS-157 form
- Receipt of Alliance bank payment

then it depends on your trip, for mine is a business trip so I have the supporting document from my company, and a payslip indicates that you are working there.

For holiday purpose, make sure your bank statement is there and have shown a good amount of money flowing in consistently, and some others where you'll need to refer to the website given.

My case is straight forward, but the officer told me to wait for a week to have my VISA ready, even it has been approved. According to him, it is pretty routine for such arrangement - so I have to wait for another week and I need to re-schedule my flight.

Lesson? Don't do such thing in last minute, assuming it can be done in a day.