Friday, July 31

Christiano Ronaldo - First Game and Last Game

Christiano Ronaldo, a boy from Madeira was bought by Manchester United for £12.24 million lightened Old Trafford at his debut with Bolton. I watched that match and I saw him. A young kid with talented skill, gotten the attention of whole stadium, and the whole world after few years. At that time, I knew he is going to win the world.

He shine like a star in season 07/08 with the title of FIFA World Player of the year, every single awards that he can win and the holy grail of Footballer - UEFA Champion's League after the penalty against Chelsea FC, I was watching him.
Until his rumour with Read Madrid, his last game with Manchester United in Champion's League final against Barcelona FC. We failed to defend the title this time, I was watching the game.
"Let me go, I will get you a good price."
"I will let you go if I can get the highest transfer fee ever."
"I will make this happen."
£80 million, Real Madrid FC.

Following the previous mignificant 7, David Beckham - he transfered to Real Madrid.

Good Luck!