Thursday, August 27

Race.Rally.Research (R3)

Race.Rally.Research is a sports division from Proton, known as Proton R3. It was a branding strategy to attract publicity from media to show the world that Proton is able to have some sort of developments in Motorsports. The head of R3 is the well known Malaysia drift king Tengku Djan. The first "product" was actually a modified Satria GTi with the only original design: Blood Stripe Sticker and it was selling at RM 70k. I think whoever bought the car must be out of his mind. Over the year it has failed to introduce more powerful parts apart from the emblem, exhaust system, bodykits... and now it has gone, I have no longer receiving any news from R3 for any new performance parts.

However I must say that the introduction of Satria Neo R3 is the most beautiful one among all the local models, and it is really powerful in track - I have seen it and race with it during an open track day in Sepang circuit. Surprisingly they did not defend their title in the 2009 MME...

Please come back and continue doing what you need to do!