Monday, August 3

A Snapshot in Houston Downtown

Since this is our first weekend in Houston, we decided to go downtown to feel the city. Lucky enough, the place where we are staying has a train station to go downtown, just need to pay $1.25 and you can go all the stops that you want. We reached downtown at 6pm, and found everyone is leaving the city.. wtf? Actually in western country their city is closing at 5-6pm. We stop at the main street and start walking without any direction.

This street is still "breathing" after we keep walking and searching around.

A church in the city, old but match the theme well.

Saw a clock at the traffic light.

This is a clock tower where it is still running by the old mechanism, without battery.

This is a street with some bars, during our walk we found out there are a lof of shops have been close down. We never know the economy downturn hit US so badly until we saw it.

This is nice bar with good view of the street, but where is the people?

More bars on the streets, just not enough smell of people.

I guess the fast food culture is everywhere in US, because you can see McDonald's, Subway and some Pizza shops almost everywhere.

I guess this is the tallest tower in Houston, JPMorgan Chase Tower.

It is this tall.. according to a German tourist, you can have a full view of Houston downtown here. Unfortunately it is closed when we reached there.

This is the train we are talking about, it is clean and nice. A police was standing in the train and checked our tickets when we came to downtown.
We stop at the Pizza shop, and have a Corona then went back to uptown.