Wednesday, August 5

Saturn Sky Roadster

I went to Galleria, a big shopping center in Houston. Just entered the main entrance and this beautiful car is right in front of me. This is the first time I saw this car maker called Saturn, and this is their sports car: Saturn Sky, what a name and I believe with the specification it can shoot you up high to the blue sky. Powered by 2.0L turbocharge engine the max horsepower is 260@5300rpm. This is awesome for an American car where you seldom see such "low" cc. Their philosophy is more to like Lotus where they are more concerntrating on power to ratio. To my surprise, it is actually a division under the big name General Motor (GM), and it is the biggest customer for my company, EDS...

Nice roadster and the aerodynamic shape is absolutely solid.

The tail light is sharp and fierce looking, with squarish twin mufflers plus the rear diffuser which is the current trend for sports car.

Projectile head light in front, it has all the trendy fassionable items with her.

The steering is not that nice to hold, plus it is a left hand drive and the transmission is Aisin 5-speed manual close-ratio with self-adjusting clutch Manual. Not bad huh.

Feel statisfied to see such a nice car!