Saturday, August 15

Visit to Shell Penzoil Tower

We went to Houston Downtown Shell Penzoil Tower for a business meeting on last Friday. Thanks to Paul for fetching me and Eddie to Downtown. We notice that actually Houston has a big tunnel and they are a lot of restaurants and shops! Lucky that we didn't miss it. After a walk we reached the Penzoil tower. Shell took over the tower after they bought Penzoil into their group. Here we are, it has 2 towers, which is North Tower and South Tower and they are really special - it looks like 2 triangle buildings.
This is the view from outside.

There is a piramid a like glass sheild to cover both towers.

Left or Right, North or South?
We met up with Tammy and her colleages to makan first, it was afternoon and we need some energy to continue our day. We walked to another street to have a nice lunch over there.
The restaurant is in a church.. wow..

Paul purposely brought us to this meeting room to show it special it is. The meeting room was built at the edge of the building and showing the beautiful scenes from both sides.

You go further..
and further until you reached the edge. Wow.. can you see that? It is amazing to have such view in the meeting room. I wonder how they can get concerntration in the meeting..

Phew.. it is really scary to those who are afraid of height.
Our meeting ended at 5pm, then we decided to go for a walk in Downtown.
There is a nice small place for people to take a rest and enjoying the view.

Man made waterfall to release the heat in the summer.

Nice drawing on the wall.
Do you know where are we heading to? The answer is in the truck ;)