Saturday, August 8

Monster: Chevy Corvette

I never know Chevy is such a great brand that can build this type of super car, until I've seen it. This is a car with 6.2L V8 430hp supercar: Chevy Covette.

It does not look like a muscle car.
It looks small.
It is powerful.

This is the kind of car that you can take your chick and hanging around at the downtown pub area ya!
The front of the car, aerodynamic and very Italian look.
It has the classic round tail lights that most sports car has it, and not 1, not 2, not 3 but 4 mufflers! Imagine how nice the sound will be when starting the engine?
Rear look for the Chevy Corvette, not to mention the big ass wheel.
From the side it looks a bit like Lotus shape, but it has its own style if you look at the vents from the door side. Cool and purely sporty!